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My Happy Mothers Day

Thursday, March 7th, 2019 , by
My Happy Mothers Day


What does it feel like to be a Mother? I can tell you for sure, It's a great power that comes with great responsibility.

Motherhood is one of the best gifts to mankind, A good and loving woman such as a Sister, a Friend, a confidant, a wife, a shoulder to cry on when you have lost your way makes a Good mother.

Motherhood could also be a burden, not just any burden but one a good woman is ready and willing to carry, There is a price being a mother and it's an expensive one.

The price of Selflessness, it's not what anyone can give because it's Priceless and only great women such as our Mother's bear this upon themselves because they choose to protect everything they love and cherish.

Motherhood is every woman's ambition, to have a suckling child at the end of her breast is the greatest Joy ever, to look into the eyes of her seed and smile with knowing that life of selflessness has taken place.
The Love a Mother gives cannot be compared to anything in this world, A mother's Love makes you feel alive, makes you stronger,
A Mother goes out of her way to give you all that she has even if it's her last, I remember when I was a little boy My Mother would take I and my sisters out to give us a treat either it would be shopping for new clothes, shoes or yum yum goodies. We always felt special and we would be the envy of all the kids, one day one of the kids approached me and told me he wished he had a mother like mine and he wouldn't mind trading places and I asked him what he actually meant?

He opened up to me and told me how he lost his mum back then in Cape Town, His Mother was a victim of Xenophobia at that time when the Great Nelson Mandela a.k.a Madiba fought for the Independence of South Africa, he worshipped and adored her and as he said these words of Love, Loss, and Pain about his Mother. Tears streamed down my eyes with the outburst rush of catarrh from my nostrils like that of a wet Camel.

I thought to myself if this Kid could still love his mother even in her death, then I would have to love my Mother 10 times more. Motherhood is a Journey that has to be integrated into every girl child because Patience and Motherhood are intertwined sisters, they can't work without the other and not make an impact.

One of my Mother's Strengths was showing compassion for others even when she knows she's been wronged by the other party, She is an amazing Cook OMG... Try Edikaikong soup (A delicacy from Akwa Ibom Southern part of Nigeria)garnished with snails, Perri winkles, Beef, stockfish and locally made Akpu(Cassava flour) with a cold glass of chilled water, after consuming all these beautiful delicacies just be prepared to lay your head and smile away in your slumber.

The Beautiful part about my Mother is she is a very devoted Christian, She could Pray and the heavens would know an answer just had to be met, the fact she could pray didn't stop her from giving yours truly a beating with the Stick of life(Turning Stick for Cassava Flour).

Mother is an amazing woman, and She has always been my backbone asides from God. As I got to learn and understand Motherhood I also had to tell myself that every moment with your mother counts. Love and cherish your mother, respect what they stand for in every area of our life.
Motherhood is a Gift to every living being and must not be taken for granted, not every mother gives that Motherhood experience and when you have one that does Protect her because she would do more than that for her child.

Love you, Mum. Happy Mothers Day.








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