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My Soulmate

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 , by
My Soulmate

Dear Best Friend,

I thought writing this tribute is the perfect way to let you know how much you mean to me.

My life is filled with numerous friends but I love none of them like I love you. I feel blessed to have a best friend like you and I admire your company. You made my life colorful right from the day we met. You are a very nice, joyful and sweet person. I love the way you care for me. I like your positive attitude towards everything. You have always been kind to me. You make me feel worthy and I am so grateful for that. Whenever I am going through a bad time, you cheer me up and put me in a better mood.

I remember the time when we went to school together, sat side by side in class and cheated on tests. I mostly failed to complete the given assignments on time and you always rescued me by giving your assignment to copy. The teachers often asked that why our assignments were same and we always replied “we have the same thinking.”

We sat together during lunch breaks and gossiped about everything. The bicycle rides back home from school with you were amazing. We played chess every week and you never let me win. In return, I never let you win any of our badminton matches. We shared the same taste in music and our playlists were awesome.

They say that a friend is the elixir of life and panacea for all ills. A friend is very useful at the time of adversity. You really prove the proverb that a friend in need is a friend indeed. I remember the time you sacrificed your pocket money to help the homeless and needy. You are an embodiment of all true human virtues. All your noble acts make you my true, sincere and best friend.

So I want to thank you for listening to me, for being so kind, for sacrificing your sleep, for making me smile, thank you for everything. You're an amazing guy!

You have got a good personality and good looks too. I love your melodious voice and how amazingly you can sing. I wish all your wishes come true.

I love to know that there's someone with whom I can talk without the fear of being judged. You praise me despite all the flaws. There are so many reasons I admire your company for. I want to let you know that I'll always be there for you as you've been there for me.

I still remember the fine Sunday morning in January of 2015 when your moving trucks came. You were about to shift 500 miles away. That day we cried a lot while saying good bye. I thought it was an end to our inseparable friendship but our connection never really faded away. We talked often times over the phone. I believe just because of you that distance does not matter.

With age, our friendship is becoming stronger and solid. I don’t think my life would be this much eventful without you. You are my long distance best friend and I appreciate your existence more than anything. You are a source of inspiration and strength for me.

I hope your life is filled with laughter, happiness and smiles. Stay happy. Stay young. You're fantastic.

Thank you for all those memories. I am honored to know you and to have been on this journey.

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