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Nobody can take your place.....

Friday, November 24th, 2017 , by
Nobody can take your place.....

Nobody can take your place……

Years pass. You grow taller, stronger and smarter than ever. You fill me in with lots of new hopes day by day. But, my endless worries grow. What will our future be? Will I be able to stand the rough winds and torrents of dust that always try to sweep us away? Sometimes, I fear that I’d lose you just as I lost many happy things in my past life? I pray to the mighty Gods. Oh, God! Don’t take my only bliss and consolation away from me. What I need is to keep you attached to me until the day I die. I love you my beloved kids. You three are the most precious things this life had ever given me.

I have faced a lot of hardships in my life. The worst of all is the treachery of your father. Remember how we felt when we first discovered his extra marital affair. I still wonder how he could be so fickle and treacherous to cheat his own beloved ones. I collapsed and wept.

But, wondrously, you gave me a ray of new hope.

“Take courage mom. Why can’t we be happy without him?” Your question was very direct. And your voice was so brave that I almost shuddered.

Was he the same small boy who once used to cling on to my dress? I wondered.

“Let’s crack jokes, sing songs and do everything to make ourselves happy and relaxed just as we had got used to do. But, for god’s sake, don’t bring HIM back to your memory.”

You consoled me and made me courageous.

You were absolutely correct! Life was not so hard without him. We managed to live an even better life. And my two girls, you acted like my equals and raised me up. You gave me a helping hand to make up my mind. I no more repent over the past, because you are by my side always. I know how exceptional you are. In handling crucial issues of life, you’re a few decades ahead of me. I’m a mere child in front of your courage and endurance. Anyway, I’m extremely happy that you’ve reached such a state of maturity in your teen years.

I can still remember how you three played together as small kids. The two younger girls were toddlers then. Vimu, my son, you took the responsibility of a good elder brother and looked after them well. You just laughed off the hurts and threats of your two younger sisters and loved them dearly even when they were hurting you. Unlike most other boys, you never thrashed or hurt them. You endured everything for the sake of the whole family. In fact, you were more than a brother to them.

Everything I do, I do it for you since you are everything for me. I’m looking forward to your success and wellbeing. This world is vicious and destructive to the point of disgust. I have my fears due to that. The future is something uncertain and it’s beyond our perception.

The best thing you need to do is follow the righteous path. My prayers and wishes will surely illuminate your path. I know you’ll definitely follow my advice and become valuable citizens.

Love you all and press you to my heart forever!

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