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Ode to Whiskey

Thursday, January 12th, 2017 , by
Ode to Whiskey


Whiskey, my old friend, you started off as an acquired taste.

At first I was wary of spending too much of my hard earned money on you. But I learned to respect the time you take to reach your full potential, and in so doing learned to take my time in pursuit of perfection. I got to know your storied history and wide-spread culture, while at the same time working on my story, improving my own legacy.

So now… I think of it less as spending and more as an investment.

The night before my wedding you calmed my nerves. After long days at work you reminded me that my house is a home. Whenever there is celebration, or mourning, you are ever present. When writing and the words seem to be locked away, you present the key.

So together we have matured, with each year become more and better than the year before. But more than that, you have encouraged me to share, for the only way to make a great dram any better, is to share it with someone you love and care about.

And although I do not judge or have preferences, I know now which whiskeys my wife likes, my friends like, my family likes and can sit and share and laugh and live, because of a complex drink that gives more than it takes.

And today, with each sip, I don’t just drink, I decode a special message from the distiller, written on water with wood and grains over long periods of time.


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