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Our Roger, Like no Other

Friday, September 15th, 2017 , by
Our Roger, Like no Other

The noise and fanfare of the memorable milestones which transpired the past months have started to die down, yet I feel you deserve a lot more for everything you have done for me, for our children and for the others whose lives you have inspired without you even realizing it.  I find it quite difficult to capsulize how good of a husband and a father you are, among many other roles you take on.  But beyond the enormity of where your great love brought us and our family to, I will try my best to give it a shot through a timely tribute to you my dearest, straight from the heart.

The end of May this year marked a very important event that you have worked hard and waited for since many years back — you were granted the citizenship of the country you now consider your second home.  Who would ever imagine you will be living in the Land Down Under, away from your native land, and initially away from us your loved ones?  It was never in our plans, but you undauntingly did, to keep us afloat and to give the children a better future.  I know how very fond you were of your then growing kids and how difficult it was for us not to be together physically every single day.  But you chose to leave your comfort zone with nothing for yourself, but everything for us.  Six years ago, you made your first attempt to work abroad.  But it was not successful and was filled with frustrations and disappointments—the economy was not good and the company you were working at had to close.  And after just a few months of being away, you had to go back home, penniless, in deep debt, sick, depressed, and without a job.

No amount of reassurance could bring you back to your old cheerful self that time.  You felt so hopeless.  You would not even want to go back and work where you would be far away from your family.  Your experience had been a nightmare for you.  You just wanted to be home with us, for us in any little possible way you can.  You were emotionally down and drained, but the responsible father in you prevailed.  School and household expenses are soaring high, and you could not bear see us suffer the consequences.  So, you gathered yourself back, and explored possibilities even if it meant being away from us again and taking difficult risks.   

Fast forward to five years of painstaking hard work, immense sacrifices, and selfless perseverance, amidst insurmountable challenges, you made it to obtain such a significant recognition to be a full-fledged citizen of Australia.  More than the title and the benefits of such, what made you truly happy is the prize of having us your family to be with you finally in the country which gave you a second chance to a promise of a better life.  And it is indeed a hard-earned one!

The 18th of June marked our twenty-three years of being married, happily at that, despite the many ups and downs throughout.  I’m pretty sure that had it been a different man I got married to, and with all those difficulties that we had to go through, the marriage would have been broken by this time.  But because it was you, loving me unconditionally, doing everything to keep the family going, maintaining the love alive, staying in deep faith, and never giving up, we are still together, much stronger than ever with the hope of forever.  The challenges to married life are overwhelming these days with so much materialism and with temptations always lurking by.  But with your simplicity and humility, having little interest in passing fancies, with your practicality and frugality, we made it, even at our lowest and hardest, we survived, still happy together!  We have our many differences, but your big love always sees us through.  We may not have the riches and comforts of life, but with you for a husband, you always make me feel I am a princess.

The 17th of July has been another most awaited moment of your life as you turned gold, half a century!  I had lots of plans for this big day, but the modesty in you struck again.  You would not want anything for yourself, just a simple dinner at home with our two grown-ups, nothing more.  Your kids surprised you with a small birthday cookie-card, a minion mug, and a household cleaning gadget for a gift, I cooked your favourite pasta, and your happiness was just beyond compare.  Truly lucky us! 

September 3rd was again your day because it’s Australia Father’s Day.  Another important event for you that we should be thankful for, the best Dad my children could ever have!  There have been constant challenges as well in your being a father, with your many limitations and inadequacies.  But your dedication, commitment and love have always filled the gaps.  You never stop finding ways and learning to be the best in this role. 


Those are just special dates, but we will always be grateful for every moment of having you in our lives.  You may feel insecure and overpowered by the three of us at times, but please bear in mind that we love you much more than you know and that we are so proud of you!  

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  • Wednesday, 17 July 2019 15:34
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Congratulations and happy wedding anniversary Roger and Medda!
Pareho kayong mabait, masipag, puno ng pagmamahalan, respeto at pagbibigay kaya kayo ay pinagpapala ng Diyos maging ang inyong buong pamilya. More anniversaries to come . We love you ? ?????