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Patience is the virtue

Monday, January 16th, 2017 , by
Patience is the virtue


You have taught me to become patient. You have taught me to become mindful of my actions and to respond, not react.

Even now as i type, you evoke calmness with every in breath, and love on the outbreath.

You have taught me to sit quietly, and to let the storm pass, that everyday can be a new day, free from pain or suffering, through the power of the mind.

We are not attached to our pasts, and can be released from the suffering we have endured, the pain that was caused by us, or negativity wished upon us.

We are more than simple minded creatures, we are beings made whole through self love and understanding. We can think for ourselves, and become better with loving each and everyone, by loving our enemies.

The countless many people you have touched with your blessings and wisdom is immeasurable. You have opened our eyes and ears to the possibility that hate and vengeance doesn't rule our life, rather we as humans must understand nature, and work with it to live in harmony with the natural balance of the world.

I sit here, with my heart open, sending love to your many followers, and teachers around the globe, opening up my mind to the countless many who have wavered on their spiritual journey. You have taught me to send love and peace, and to help those when my inner beings and energy is whole.

To shine bright for the people of the world, so that we all might be able to live as examples of world peace. The answer starts with us, and we can learn to love our fellow men and women with open love and nonjudgment.

We can, and with your help, we can strive for a freer world, where we lead by our hearts and not our minds.


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