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Friday, October 9th, 2020 , by

Hi my name is maryam drammeh I have immune deficiency disorder since I was 4 years old and I was born 32 weeks early and when I first had my sickness I started having trouble breathing ans and I had seizures plenty of time it was very scary to Me and my parents me and my family been through alot trying to make sure everything's good  and taking medications and stuff it s lot and I used to have tubes on the side of my stomach and I had it in my nose that one was the hurtful one being sick u have to go through a lot of treatment and medications and Dr. Appt and plus ut just upsets that I don't have any friends to talk to when I'm depressed or angry or something or when people tell that I cant do anything its like everyone only thinks of me as the sick girl  people look at me different I mean i know im different but I have needs that i always wanted to do and go to like ttravel the world and meet new new people and other cultured and try different food and experience other cultures but u know ever since ive been sick i cant do anything this is why im trying to put my self out there like Making a youtube channel and if u want to watch it my yt channel is : RIEYA'S LIFE  and instagram: rieyathadancer_ so make sure yall follow and subscribe on  Both pages thank you guys hopefully I have something good come out of this  and there are alot more of story where this came from...I hope I have imfluencers hear about this like beyomce and cardi b and the stallion and Arianna grande and tamar braxton I hope u guys see this I need all the help I can get buy some influencers or something thank love u all....

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