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Saskia Vese country rock Pop music

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 , by
Saskia Vese country rock Pop music
     Saskia is English with some French family . So I do look a little French / Spanish . 
Saskia is a country rock Pop singer .
This is Saskia’s reference website- to find information about her new music latest singles are Say Hello and good girl . They are both available on iTunes and Amazon . 
   Saskia’s 3rd song slow dance dance will be available soon on iTunes and Amazon both . 
    The music video will be here soon . Will it be Say Hello ? God girl ? Or slow dance ? We shall see . 
    Saskia is represented by Lee Williams CEO CMR Nashville Radio . Currently lee is promoting her new single goodgirl . Lee Williams has also published Saskia in Country magazines ready for her Nashville appearance which will be soon. 
    Saskia Vese is a tribute to Shania Twain 
 saskia is in youtube as Saskia Vese 
Saskia’s Twitter is @wonderwoman_  also 
@saskiaveseteam ( PR) 
@vesefans ( Nashville ) 
saskias Facebook is Saskia Vese



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