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Sunday, January 3rd, 2021 , by

V GOOD. EXCELLENT CONDUCT GRADE! Strengths: super organised than before HAHA like rlly!! V caring and thoughtful!! Leadership style is not assertive!! Balance of fun and work!! Many more strengths!! Improvements: stop thinking too much but I have the same issue also HAHAHA . May sacrifice acads. Other than this maybe time sense or date sense but it’s okay cos I’ll always check for uuu


SUE!!!! Thank youuuuu for being our chief proggie hehe it looks like so much work and it’s so tough leading all of us during proggie meetings but I think you’re doing a great job so far ??‍♀️ it’s amazing how you’re able to handle all the work but I feel kind of bad that you and belynn seem like yall are doing so much also :( so if you need help pls let us know so the rest of us can spread out the work for you and Belynn!!!


hope she can go home more HAHAH shes so dedicated to proggie


Be more assertive Sue!! Be more confident of your decisions and don't be easily swayed. (You don't have to take in everyone's advice if you don't agree or can't do it). But overall you've been very good at managing a ton of things and always trying to ensure everyone's okay:> love you chief3


SUE: Meticulous! - She made sure that all proggies were sufficiently engaged. - The timeline/schedule she created for Dec was quite helpful imo. - She worked really hard to ensure that the production of CAC Tryouts went on smoothly.

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