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Happy Birthday Henry!

Eight years old already  - wow!

Another great year and you have done so much and shown so many talents.  

Now I hope that you will grow up to be a charming good guy like James Bond....

James Bond

 and not a bad guy like Blofeld 


 and with your talent for mathematics perhaps you will be the next Albert Einstein. 



Or the next Elon Musk? Will you invent something like the Cybertruck?


 Henry, you are a wonderful, inquisitive, intelligent young man and I am so proud of you.

I love you so much.

Love Papa


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Happy Birthday Oliver!

Eight years old already  - wow!

Another great year and you have done so much and shown so many talents.  

You are an incredible actor - and I don't know where you get that from? your parents don't have that gift.

And you have a special charm with women... they all fall in love with you :)  in St Tropez you were the darling of a Russian lady and I could not believe how you flirted with her!!

You had to be there to see it. Oliver you are one special young man!


Now I hope that you will grow up to be a charming good guy like James Bond....


and not a bad guy like Jaws.


And with your talent for languages you might become the next Charles Dickens

You are also incredibly strong.. I don't know how you can carry such heavy things. Incredible. Perhaps you will be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger.?


I love you so much. You are a wonderful, kind, affectionate boy and you always take care of other children, people and animals.

You are a wonderful son. I could not wish for more.

Your proud Papa.

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The last of the generation X in our family passed on last September 2019. A gentle woman, with infinite patience and endurance for life. Possessing an indomitable heart to love, an elusive concept to me till this day but something that I’m a recipient of.

My grandfather left earlier than her. A proud man, talented and expressive.

They spawned eight children one of which is my mother. My imagination is not enough to fully understand the challenges of raising 8 children, a paltry number compared to us 4 siblings.

Our vacations with my grandparents were always filled with adventure. We climbed the hill sized mountains which made us short on breath, tended to carabaos ignoring their particular smell, racing them (we were chastised for this but it was fun anyway), gathered wild fruits and play until the sun was peaking between mountains. We will hear our grandmother shouting for us from a long distance but we still heard her.

Waking up is an experience in itself. Inhaling the morning air laced with the aroma of burning wood and brewed coffee, birds chirping, with the cold air gently touching your arms.

You just get the feeling that something exciting is going to happen for the day.

The day did get to be exciting!

But first things first, a simple breakfast of dried fish and fried rice starts our day. Cooked and prepared by my grandmother. After washing ourselves, the play begins. We will be making bamboo pistols, by the way, ability to craft is an essential talent to be had. We had the pleasure of eating whatever our aunts and uncles planted. They are farmers by trade, freshness is not an option. It is the only way to go if you are in the province.

We eat at any house that lunch will find us. The food is always delicious after all the energy that we spent. Dinner will always be at my grandparent’s house. The day is ended with stories from my grandfather.

You might ask, where is the tribute? Well, the memories of my vacations with my grandparents occupies most of my childhood memories. It would not be great if not for them. They were not really a very long vacations, just 2 months for around 3years and then life happened. We became teens with other summer activities.

But those does not occupy my mind as much as the vacations we had with my grandparents. Although I enjoyed the adventures because it was fun, I enjoyed it more because I know that being there, with them, gives them joy.

They are not rich nor well placed in society, they are farmers by profession but they are respected and loved. A legacy that few were able to leave behind.




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We all met three years ago at the prestigious Sp Jain School of Global Management. Three very different lads from two extremely different continents. No one ever had a clue that three years down our friendship, we’d have some of the best memories with each other. From the Home of the “World cup of Wildlife” or better known as the wild beast migration phenomena (one of the seventh wonder of the world) Kenya, schooling abroad was one of the things I had looked forward to.

In Mumbai, India during my first year, I was skeptical (don’t know about my mates) if I’ll fit into the stringent Indian culture. I guess it’s safe to say that I had my own concluded assumptions traveling to Bombay. My mates, on the other hand, Rishhabh (Risshy) and Parth (Gary) seemed to be right at home and at peace with everything. I mean why not? They were from India though from a different town but nonetheless, this was their home.

I still remember our first conversations funny thing is we bonded over the most minuscule of issues. Risshy (as I call him) is part of a caste in the Rajasthan culture. I got to know this over an introduction session in class as part of the orientation process for the freshman class. Somewhere in my mind, I heard he said that he was a Pakistani. Over my few short weeks in the country, I got to know that apparently Indians and Pakistanis have this ancient rivalry. Over our lunch break, I got to talk to him over the issue and when his eyes widened, I knew I had definitely overstepped.

As I waited for this 6’1-foot dude to confront me over what I termed as a vile invasion of his cultural and unspeakable privacy, He sat me down and explained to me in detail, I mean in DETAIL my error. That was the birth of an awesome friendship/ bro love between the Gentle giant and an ignorant David Yes me!

For Parth, we bonded more over food. He just bluntly approached where I usually sat in class and wanted to know about Kenya since he hadn’t traveled to any country in Africa. Then he offered a piece of whatever home cooked meal he had brought from home to showcase why I need not deny his invitation for a lunch hangout the next day to explore the “wonders” of Indian food. Boy, I’m glad I accepted his invitation!

Fast forward to three years after we met and weirdly got introduced to each other, Just a month ago we had a “bro vacay” to Goa. Some quality bonding time away from all the fracas in the world. I just want to say thanks to the universe for introducing us to each other. I’m personally grateful to have friends who despite all the world racial bullshit and difference in cultures figured a way to bypass all that and blossom a wonderful friendship. Through my highs and lows both in the past and future, I’m glad that I passed through all that beside you guys and cheers to us!


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My little sister Jasmine is getting married this weekend.


Sisters are special, regardless of their age. They hold our hands and drive us to be better every day. I cherish the relationship I have with you, my little sister. I remember how excited I was when my mother came back home, holding you in her arms. I threw away all my dolls because I had gotten a sibling to play with. We have grown together and created a bond that cannot be broken no matter what. The things we have gone through have made us closer and tighter than before. I still cannot believe it that my little sister is getting married. The little girl I used to torture and tease around now has a new last name. We are both getting old Jasmine!


We played behind the small incomplete building with our friends, making mud pancakes and houses. We shared our little secrets that we could not even tell mummy while holding our little hands. As we grew older, we shared the growing pains and challenges of boarding and high school. How can I forget the times we clashed with each other during the holidays when you wanted to watch your favorite cartoons. Remember the days when daddy punished us for fighting over the remote? And we would take our porridge or tea without sugar for fighting? It taught us to agree even when our opinions or desires varied. I believe this has contributed to our strong bond even in our adult years. I cannot forget the library days when I got hungry as soon as we entered the library doors, and you used to get angry at me. I would force you to go out for lunch a few hours after.


Remember the hours in your campus days when we sat in the night talking about our lives and dreams. About the guy, you would want to get married to and the number of children you wanted. And, we would laugh at the many kids you wanted to have. We imagined a focused, kind, caring, and loving man to share your wedding day and marriage. My little sister, I am so happy that you got the kind of man you have always dreamed and prayed for. Your wedding is an indication that some things will eventually end. But, you are excited and happy, and I cannot help but extend my sincere best wishes to you two. I love you, my little sister, and I am thankful to God for blessing me with a sister like you!


Tears run down my chin today when I saw you in your wedding dress. And, as you walked slowly towards your husband, I saw you walking into your next life sister. I want to say that I am happier for you than you can imagine. My little sister, I want you to know that marriage works as long as you commit to working through the small or big fights. You are going to argue over little things as you get used to the new arrangement of marriage. But, that does not mean that you are doomed; it is normal. Remember to practice empathy and avoid going to bed angry at each other. You should never forget the things that made your husband fall in love with you and work towards making them better by the day.


Congratulations on your wedding, my little sister! I cherish you!

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Today is my mother’s 53rd birthday, and I wish nothing but more blessings and good health in her golden years. God blessed me with a loving and supportive mother, and I could not ask for more. Even if I am married and with children of my own, she still supports and advices me like her little girl.


Fifty-three years ago, a little girl was born in Meru, Kenya. The little girl was hardworking and brilliant in school. Her father invested in her educated for her empowerment, and though she did not join her dream career-law, she became a teacher. She met and married my father while working as an intern, and she soon bore her firstborn daughter. It was no longer about you the moment you welcomed your first daughter. The little girl born 53 years ago is my beloved my mother! No words can match up the sacrifices she has made to bring up her three daughters. We love you, mum!


I am a woman of 28 years, and I owe everything that I have and am to my mother, who today will be turning 53. Raising your three daughters besides all the hardships meant working twice, if not thrice as hard. My mother hurts when you hurt, and she prays the rosary each day for her two grandchildren and us. My mother’s love is beautifully irrational. She looks beyond my mistakes and flaws, seeing the best version of not only me but all her three daughters. She has always been there for all of us, day and night. Mum, Ma. She has taken this role dearly and never relented, no matter what. No one shapes lives than our mothers. You have taught us to work harder beyond our current circumstances to become a better version of ourselves. It is from you mum that I have learned to love my babies selfless and dedicate my life to them.


I cannot go without acknowledging the challenges you have gone through mum. I look back at the events, and I am sure beyond doubt that you are the strongest species on earth. The biggest challenge being the loss of your father. It was tough for you mum. How you gathered the strength to pick us from school to attend the funeral, without saying a word to us about it, and coming up with a lie to protect us from the emotions is something I still do not understand. You remained calm throughout the 3 hours’ drive, without getting emotional. I know the divorce was draining, emotionally, and financially. I am still baffled by your strength throughout this trying and stressful time of your life. This was a hard time for us as a family, financially and emotionally, but you still held our hands.


I thank God for blessing me with a mother in my childhood. I enjoyed the new clothes you bought us during Christmas and New Year’s Day, the road trips, the holidays and your delicious pilau and chapos. I will do my best each day to say, “Thank you, Mummy” I want you to know that I could not be anywhere close to where and who I am today, were it not for your love, support, and counsel.


Thank you for being strong in broken circumstances. I love you! Happy 53rd birthday mummy.

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It was the year 2002 and I lost my grandpa he was very close to me. My grandpa was a really kind, simple and inspiring people I'd known. He wasn't only my grandpa to me in growing up he was certainly one of my best friends ever.

I'd a difficult time in my childhood and my grandpa was always there for me. Along with his love and guidance that time I'm who I'm today. As a result, he is a true hero for me personally and gave me the important values, fame and respect that I owe today.

Since childhood when I needed to keep in touch with someone I talked to grandpa all the time as he was always there. He always seemed to learn precisely what I needed.  I would often ask “Have you been OK, Baba?” or “Have you been comfortable?” or “Have you been all good, Baba?“ And each time he replied, “I'm alright.” Many of us in the family members were truly inspired by him to learn his far-sighting thoughts, his works, his prayers and obviously his great personality.

During my college days, I made plans to visit his farmhouse with my grandpa. Unfortunately, on second day we were to meet, Grandpa called me to inform me he had to cancel as a result of bad health and the cold. No matter. I told him to obtain well and remind me once he started feeling better.

The next morning I woke up to my phone ringing repeatedly. I was informed that my grandpa have been taken up to a hospital nearby for treatment.  I rushed quickly to a medical facility to see him. When Grandpa wasn't able to put up a chat, I let him rest, but I wanted to be sure he wasn't alone. And day continued; he has been the past four days. And then very next day he was discharged from a medical facility and I was overjoyed to see my grandpa with my own personal family.

As I get older he explained he was worried about my education and finding the right person for me. He was worried about that. That's why I was so saddened when he died suddenly of an enormous attack and then realized that I didn't have my companion anymore to hear my words.

Eighteen years later, today I still think of him, I still remember and think about the great times we had with him. I still cry over him, sometimes without any reason, I just cry. My grandpa could be happy that I have found someone very special. I still miss him and I wish my son (Ridhaan, 9) had the chance to know him as I did.


I certainly miss my grandpa and it still hurts whenever I think of him, but I'm glad I knew him and I'm more proud to state I'm a part of his family. In memory of my great and late grandpa, many thanks for all you did and earned for all of us and many thanks for always being there when I needed you.


From the whole family, we like you! We miss you! You're a real hero!

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 Mrs. Rana was warden of my high school from the full time I was five before the time I completed my school. She was a fatty woman with a hard voice, strong presence, and a great heart that embraced his staff and students. Mrs. Rana was a leader in every aspect.

 She was a lady filled with the entire guardianship of a small school in the centre of Birgunj, Nepal. And she was a lady who did her job with full effort and grace. Over time, my small school, primarily composed of visionary kids, experienced almost anything that a large high school in Nepal would.

Because she was our great warden, I often called her “MOM”. We were all like extended family and sometimes the auntie words were used most of the time. I needed something extra guidance and the auntie name put more responsibility onto us.

Mrs. Rana was also my Nepalese literature school teacher during my high school. I would probably not refer to that, because my understanding and knowledge of Nepali are appalling. I just saw no need to learn it, but I really do remember so it was a remarkably fun class.

I still remember bunking the English literature class and not attending the school period. Bunking was strictly forbidden, since it is in most high schools, and I'd stolen my friend's small radio and I listened most of the time. As the very next day continued, she caught me red-handed in my own hostel. Being a lady of wisdom, she asked the proper questions and quickly knew that radio was not mine. She then gave me a punishment and asked me handy the things to my friend as sooner as possible. I never stole anything, more importantly, this was the last time I was ever in the principal's cabin.

It had been a great year. I completed my 10th standard and had to leave my school. On the last day of my school, tears rolled down seeing Mrs. Rana.

Now then 3 years later, I met with my school warden gathering with Montessori kids. She wanted to understand how I was, how engineering days was opting for me. I asked her about the school, a spot I'd spent every single day since I left. She added that the school staff and students are becoming along better than they ever have. She smiled and her eyes were watery as she talked.

Thank you for providing us with new knowledge and discipline. Thank you for respecting us and taking into consideration our previous experiences in the training process and building them into new learning methods.

I swear flowers on earth are not enough to get a bouquet for you. I wish you a sound body; want you to own many milestones, happy, beautiful and bright days in your life. I miss you “MAM!”

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Everyone loves their mother and here is my tribute to express my love and gratitude towards mine. I am aware of what mothers go through to raise their children while having their own issues. Giving a selfless love to make sure their children grow up to be the best version as they want them to be. Going through so much issues right from her childhood, i see a person whom i love and respect selflessly. Sure, we have our little and sometimes huge differences, but who doesn't? I see a strong woman who has raised me to be the kind of person i am today and i owe everything to her. From raising me through school and supporting me in every way possible, i am immensely grateful to my mother to be the kind of person who does what she can to help me.

She is more than a best friend and more than a supporter, she is the backbone of my life without whom i would not even be typing this. Words truly fall short when you are trying to appreciate and tribute someone who has this kind of presence in your life. I have seen her go through hard times and bring me through and provide everything i wanted and needed selflessly and through sacrifice. My mother still is working till date and we help each other through our issues, but to me she is the one person who has been an idol of strength, inspiration, sacrifice and selfless love. Raising two kids is not easy considering what she has been through in her life right from childhood and seeing her positive behavior even today is nothing short of godly.

I am writing this tribute to my mother as a form of token of appreciation and to express what i cannot in person. It is hard to say all these things, but one thing i am sure of is her place in my life and her importance in my success. She is the one person i can turn to in times of need whether small or big and i would like to believe it is likewise. Raising and shielding me and my brother from our family issues, external factors and life altogether could not have been an easy feat and i applaud her for that. She is the torch of light i turn to when i am lost completely in my life, even though i cannot express it straightforward.

Today i am a self dependent person to quite an extent and i do support her also, but not as much as i would like to. To how she has raised me with love and protection, she deserves everything in life and i am hopefully going to do that for her soon. I conclude this tribute with the feelings of immense gratitude and respect i have for her and hoping i can continue to provide and support for her as she has done and is still doing in my life. I love you mom! I don't express it as often, but hopefully this tribute can summarize and bring out what i feel for her.

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I write this with great sadness over the unimaginable loss of a very good and caring grandmother to cancer. My grandmother died while she was 70.

She really fought a very big battle for 3 years but cancer could not give her a chance to get better. She used the take each day in stride, she never complained anything about her health condition. Every day she gave herself to hope that one day the treatment would work and finally get on with her life.

However old my grandmother was, she still looked very beautiful. Everybody from the village used to admire her and that is the reason why many children from our neighborhood were named after her.

She composed traditional songs to us and also made wonderful stories every evening before we get to bed. I remember one day when she told us the story of ‘Abunwas’ a very cunning person. She told us that Abunwas could borrow something from you but he won't return it back, When you try to follow up on your property Abunuasi ould tell you that your property died or gave birth. The story was very funny

I pray that she forgives me for the many times I brushed her off when she talked about the possibility of dying. The reason why I did this was just but to keep her spirit up so I told her not to worry because she would be ok.

My grandmother used to love me so much, I remember many times when she gave me food period when there were hunger and famine in the country. She never lacked food at her place.

In everything she did, my grandmother was very real. She laid a very strong foundation for all her children and even grandchildren. She was very funny, I remember one day when I wanted to give up with education, she took time and encouraged me never to quit in life. She even went ahead and danced a traditional song which she composed herself.

I remember and I were discussing something that I was struggling with, she raised my head high and said, “Look at me." I never knew what these three words meant but one time while I was meditating I remembered what she meant. What she meant was; you never know in life so make a change however tough it is and do the things you want to do and dream about it before it's too late. Those words were very clear

Her beautiful spirit still lives on her generations, and everyone will always know how much she loved them.

I know the things that kept my grandmother going. The things are her children and her strong faith. Otherwise to face another day could have been tough, and I know how many days she must have been like that. No one imagined that she would survive with cancer for 3 good years but she managed.

Now I hope that her soul rests in eternal peace knowing that she played her part very well and that her children together with all the coming generations on her lineage will be fine.

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