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Thank you to all the doctor's and nurses in Walla Walla Washington for putting your lives on the line curing people with Covid 19 virus.

You are our hero's.

To all our hero's taking care of people and trying to stop the virus.

To all the delivery people and those who stock our shelves in grocery stores.

To all the truckers and emergency service workers who respond to calls for help.

You are greatly appreciated and Angel's among each and every one of us. Sincerely Debbie  Walker 

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Danke! Merci! Grazie! Grazia! Thank You! 

Thanks to everyone who works so hard to keep us healthy and safe!





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A tribute to those who made me capable of this day 

The world as we know it is a place where we meet,   greet, seek thousand of people with a blink of an eye,  but the thing which really fascinates me is whether you meet a thousand of people or mere single, you will always remember those who made you capable of what you are today .parents maybe our social and moral guiders but teacher are not far behind them ,actually its all a polar opposite effect that teachers and parents think alike, teach alike and  appreciates us in the same way. Thank you for making our minutes and hours worthwhile the wait.

  • thank you miss noureen for keeping my hopes up
  • thankyou miss esba for teaching us what English means
  • thankyou miss Erum for guiding us with our sophisticated knowledge
  • thankyou miss Rubina for always encouraging me and giving me support 
  • thankyou miss Khalida  for teaching us a vital history of life and guiding us like a mother 
  • thankyou maa,m mehnaz for teaching me how to teach others.
  • thankyou sir Aqeel for teaching us maths , we miss your jokes and funny punishment and enthusiasm to teach
  • thankyou miss khahkashan for scolding me to speak and present the topics properly and making me a laughing stock because of that I am now somewhat capable of speaking today.

last but not the least a grand tribute of appreciation to my teachers from the Department of international relation for guiding us to do things by hook and crook

  • thank you ma'am ghazal for teaching us some important Essene and different aspect of politics  as easy as pie 
  • thankyou maam Sadia for guiding us with your kindness and politeness 
  • thankyou, ma'am Ayesha for giving me an opportunity to things for other cooperately and happily and thank you for always supporting us in every step of the way 
  • thankyou maam marium for teaching us till now to confident and carefree and to be courageous to handle things and motivate ourselves toward success 
  • and thank you maam Saroj for teaching us with enthusiasm and making us believe in the dream that we can do it with pride and actively 

and a big round of thanks to those teachers who promotes their lives for the upliftment of there young generation elites to play their role in society.

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Dear Teacher,
There is a famous quote, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” I would like to thank you for making me who I am today through this tribute.

There’s so much I want to thank you for and you deserve to know all that. For me, you were not just a teacher. You were my friend, parent, mentor and guide.

During the two years I spent at The City School, I have met many teachers. Some of them influenced me in one way or other. I respect all of them and can never forget them who have been teaching me for a long time. But despite of my respect for all my teachers, Mrs. Farzana, you are my most favorite teacher.

I still remember the day when I was a shy 10 years old kid who was reluctant to meet new people. When I first entered your classroom, you were asking one of your students to stand up straight. I thought that you were one of those strict teachers whom all students feared. But, with the passage of time, I realized that I was wrong. You observed my introverted self and never made me feel unnoticed. You taught me how to improve my communication skills.

I wasn’t an academically outstanding or excellent student but you never measured my worth through my grades. I still remember your kind words: “Your grades, looks or wealth does not matter. What matters is what is inside of you.” These words impacted my life in a strong way.

You uplifted me when I belittled myself. You saw the potential in me and told me that I can always do better. You taught me to be myself. I always opened up to you about everything and you never judged me. The period of my parent’s divorce was the hardest for me and you supported me through all that. I remember staying in your classroom after other students left. You sat with me and I discussed all my problems with you. I cannot thank you enough for always lifting some burden off my chest and wiping my tears. You listened to me and gave me the best pieces of advice. When I would get late for the next class, you wrote the pardon notes saying ‘needed some help with academics.

You taught all your students with great missionary spirit. You were always seen in a cheerful mood. You possessed a good library and you often lent me your books for reading. You never failed to amaze me with your kindness. Your simplicity enhanced your personality.

Now whenever I look back upon that time, I realize that you taught me much more than Geography. You taught me honesty, faith, dignity, kindness and discipline. You are one of the genuine people I came across in my life. You appreciated me and encouraged me to do better.

I can never express enough gratitude towards you. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for making me who I am today. Thank you for being my teacher.

I know I should have told all this to you when I occupied a desk in your classroom but I just supposed you knew. Now that I have entered my practical life, the realization of your importance reflects upon me stronger than ever.

Thank you Ma’am for your unconditional love, amazing warmth, boundless patience and endless support.

No one can replace you in my life. I may not remember all your lessons but I will always remember you.

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The United Kingdom Royal Air Force (RAF) is the oldest independent air force in the world and on 1 April 2018, the RAF celebrated its centenary.  

One hundred years ago, King George V authorised the creation of a new branch of the British military, in response to the growing role of air power in warfare. 

This was created by merging the aviation branches of the Royal Navy and British Army together into a single service, the Royal Air Force. At that time it was the largest air force in the world. 

At its' height during World War Two more than 1 million personnel served in the RAF. 

Her Majesty The Queen paid tribute to the RAF in a statement;

"The anniversary of the world's first independent air force is of great significance, and it is fitting to pay tribute to the tenacity, skill and sacrifice of the men and women who have served within its ranks over the last century, and who have defended our freedom gallantly. May the glory and honour that all ranks have bestowed on the Royal Air Force light its pathway to the future guarding our skies and reaching for the stars."

Please join with us in paying tribute to the incredible men and women who have served in the Royal Air Force over the last 100 years and look at these fantastic photos from Carl Wrightson which are a fitting tribute to the incredible planes of the RAF.

Per Ardua ad Astra.


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Our thoughts are with the people of Hawaii, especially those who have had their homes destroyed.

We pay tribute to the volunteers and emergency responders who are working around the clock to help those affected by this terrifying natural disaster, providing food, water and supplies to residents affected by the volcano.

We hope and pray that the situation can be contained without loss of life or further damage.



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North East Ambulance Service staff and volunteers touch the lives of thousands of lives every year, making a real difference every day.

In the last year alone they:

  • answered over 1 million emergency 999 and NHS111 calls 
  • responded to almost 300,00 incidents that resulted in a patient being taken to hospital 
  • treated and discharged 24,000 patients with telephone advice
  • treated and discharged 92,141 patients at home
  • completed 717,315 patient transport journeys
  • volunteered more than 195,000 hours

Despite receiving 793 appreciations so far this year, much of our work goes on behind the scenes.

And this work doesn’t stop over Christmas, as they continue to work alongside emergency service and NHS colleagues throughout the region around the clock to keep the North East public safe.

This is our opportunity to say a small thank you to the people who answer your 999 and NHS111 calls, who dispatch our crews, who come to treat you and/or take you to hospital, who make sure you get to your hospital appointments, who keep our vehicles on the road and the back office staff who support the frontline.

Please feel free to leave a comment below to add your appreciation.


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A, B, C, 1, 2, 3 and Newton's laws. How to start a business, how to be successful and how to find your purpose. Confidence, kindness and forgiveness. We learn all these things and so much more from teachers.

Teachers...the people that influence how we think, how we feel, how we learn and how we see the world. All of us are teachers at some point. Everyone we meet has the potential of teaching us something. Our teachers range from parents to school teachers, from pets to enemies. Lessons are all around us.

In life: From the moment we we are born, we learn. Everything we encounter; everything we see, feel, smell and hear teaches us something new. School teachers help us learn all the motor skills we need, the caring for others, sharing, to focus, to complete projects. They develop our minds and teach us to reason and question. We also have other teachers: parents, family, friends, pets and bullies. Our parents teach us about right and wrong, to follow a routine, to be safe and that actions have consequences. Our pets teach us about responsibility and unconditional love. Our friends teach us to conform or be individual. They teach us that things can change in the blink of an eye. Bullies teach us to stand up for ourselves, to defend ourselves and to remain strong in the face of adversity. Every person we meet has something too teach. The cool kids, the weirdos, the jocks, the smart kids and the bullies - they all teach us how to be stronger or better or they teach us how we do not want to be. When you think back to your school years, you will remember the nursery teacher who taught you to draw. You will remember the dog you fed and loved with all your heart. You will remember the friends who played in the mud with you and who you shared your lunch with. You will remember the school teacher who engouraged you and taught you to read. You will remember your parents teaching you the ride a bike, to drive a car or taking you to ballet class.All these people were teachers in our lives and they all had an influence on who we are today.

In love: Our relationships - family, friends, lovers and enemies - they teach us about love and loss. Our parents teach us about give and take and about loving each other. Our friends teach us to be there for each other no matter what - to support where needed, to vent and cry and to share our feelings. Lovers teach us that being in love makes you crazy and that one person can change everything. Exes teach us to hate, be angry, cry and pick ourselves up again. They all teach us that time always runs out and that we should spend as much time as we can with those we love.

In labour: We spend most of our lives doing a job to earn money. The workplace teaches us communication, time management, the benefits of caffeine, that 24 hours in a day is never enough. It encourages us to strive for success or be content where we are. For some, it creates the perfect environment to find the inner self that cannot be stopped until success has been achieved. Work teaches us many lessons. It teaches us that everything changes and that some things never change.

In last: School teachers are truly amazing. Despite the fact that they spend most of their working lives moulding our minds and skills and preparing us for the big world, they are often criticised, belittled, yelled at and taken for granted. There are so many things that we would not know if we did not have school teachers. They teach us new things everyday. Everything from math to history, from discipline to fun, and from listening to growing up. They teach us to become ourselves.

All of these people help make us who we are and we should be grateful for all of them.

Teachers are angels. Teachers are guardians. Teachers are superheroes.


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Teachers devote their lives to raising other people’s children.

Yes, you do expect children to arrive at school with a certain amount of discipline and manners already ingrained in them, but because they are in an environment free from parental scrutiny, they feel freer to be themselves. And it is that “themselves” that a teacher will see, acknowledge, and shape into something that will be the perfect balance of beneficiality between the individual and society.

We all think we know what a teacher’s job entails, having all gone to school ourselves. We remember the person standing in front of the class, imparting new knowledge, cleverly illustrated on the whiteboard (or blackboard, depending on your age) behind them. But what we didn’t see was what they really do for a living. The late nights marking seemingly endless papers, the “afternoons off” that they spent at a departmental meeting, a drama club, coaching sports or setting up for an awards ceremony. The weekends doing lesson plans or setting tests. The late nights lying awake, worrying about that student who has no food at home, or the one being abused by a parent. The meetings in which they tirelessly fought for a student they knew could do better, whom everyone else has given up on.

We do not give teachers nearly enough credit. It took myself working in the profession for four years, and eventually acknowledging that I was not cut out for the job, to realise how much a teacher really does.

Socially they will never receive the esteem that other professions enjoy. They will never earn what they deserve to, but in this tribute at least, I would like to acknowledge teachers for what they really mean to society, and hope that one day we could all see them this way: as the heroes hat make modern life what it is.


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