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Coca Cola - Taste the feeling

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 , by
Coca Cola - Taste the feeling

Taste the feeling in your mouth

The Coca-Cola story started in 1886 when Dr. John S. Pemberton an Atlanta drug specialist, made a nice tasting drink that could be sold as a patent medicine at soda fountains. Pemberton made a seasoned syrup and took it to his neighborhood drug store, where it was blended with carbonated water.  It was very popular with the individuals who tasted it. The key ingredients were Cocaine and Caffeine. Dr. Pemberton's accountant. Frank M. Robinson, is credited with naming the drink "Coca‑Cola" and in addition outlining the trademarked, unmistakable content, still utilized today.

The entrepreneurs Joseph Whitehead and John Lupton created what turned into the Coca‑Cola bottling company.

Coca-Cola touches the lives of a great many individuals every single day. From special occasions through to special moments in a normal day, Coca-Cola is there. The brand has turned into an important part of peoples lives.

My family and I have been active Coke consumers for as long as I can remember. I recall a period when Coca-Cola chose to change the recipe; there was chaos in my family. There was a date when the new Coke would be sold and the old Coke would be removed from the shelves. My dad, who is an enormous Coke shopper, terrified, raced to the store and purchased a few cases of what is currently Coke Classic. These Cokes only kept us going for two weeks. I was a kid when this happened, and I remember my dad scolded me for drinking his "old Coke," which he held as invaluable. Say thanks to God for the return of the original Coke or my family would still be in chaos.

My opinion is that the key to Coca Cola's success is the taste. Coca-Cola is an example of a perfectly adjusted flavor mix. When it is served at the correct temperature, my tongue recognizes sweetness, salt and appetizing flavors and acidic sensations all at once.

The ingredients in Coke are not included in equal measures, but they feel nicely balanced on the tongue in view of the Coke formula. The mix of flavors is stunning, however the particular blend is the key.

The human mind is an unusual machine. When you drink Coca-Cola, your brain battles to precisely arrange the taste since you are tasting distinctive things in the meantime.

Since the blend of flavors is charming and the drink is generally sweet, devouring it gives you a buzz yet you are left wanting more...

Coca-Cola has hit on a flawless formula. It has a special flavor that I appreciate. It is sweet and reviving. The flavor compliments a wide range of food. I like Coke with pizza, chips and hamburger. We drink Coca Cola for every celebration and for every lunch in our house.

Coke has been a part of my family and our lives for a many years and always will be.

Here's a tribute to Coca Cola!