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Thanks to the Scientific Method

Thursday, January 12th, 2017 , by
Thanks to the Scientific Method


Has there ever been anything as dichotomous as science? Has anything else ever been able to simultaneously fill us with so much dread and so much elation?

Truly today science is our hero. It has found the cure for some terrible disease. But tomorrow it will find a source of energy so vast that it could destroy us all. At least, if we choose to use it that way. And for that, we are to blame.

You see, science does not want to heal OR destroy. It simply is. Science does not judge, does not differentiate, has no agenda, does not care… Science simply is. It is the perfect system for discovering our world. It is the perfect system for learning and investigation and exploration. It is but a way to understand.

Of all the methods we have derived for going about or day-to-day existence, science is the only one without bias. Without preferential treatment of groups or individuals. Only science is equally valid for the pauper, as well as the price. Thus we give praise to science for being fair and always honest. For taking us from fire to the far reaches of our solar system and even beyond. For helping us stay healthy and grow older. For connecting us with each other.

And although many would make scientific discovery off as conspiracy or plot, science is always going to be there, telling the truth, whether we make use of it or not.


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