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The book that blurred the line between fiction and reality - Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Thursday, January 19th, 2017 , by
The book that blurred the line between fiction and reality - Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

(This may include tiny spoilers, you have already been warned)

The book I love the most is "Eleanor and Park" by Rainbow Rowell. The reason why I love it is not only because of the amazing way it has been written in but also because of what happened after I finished reading it.

It's weird how the way they both became friends was the same way how I and my new best friend became friends, I mean it all happened almost in a similar manner.

Eleanor and Park, both had made a negative image of each other in their minds when they saw each other for the first time.

Eleanor made the first move to sit with Park. Park offered Eleanor his comics to read.

They eventually open up to each other about their family issues.

I loved all these parts about the book, especially the comic sharing session they had.

Well, won't you fall in love with the book too after you finish reading the book, go to sleep and wake up to finally go to your College for the first time to only experience all of the above scenarios!

I went with my parents to pay the 1st year's fee. I got scolded by my father a lot as I lacked a lot of documents' photocopies. After all of the scoldings, I was still calm yet in a panicking mode.

We were told to wait outside as they had to count all the money they had received. That's when dad met a man he already knew, a new friend of his that none of us was aware of.

With him stood a girl. She was of short height, wore spectacle, was very well dressed with her bangs covering her forehead and her light brown eyes were on the screen of her phone.

She was beautiful, but the thing I liked most about her was her nose piercing. I mean I have seen a lot of girls wearing it but not many of them were able to pull it off as well as this girl could.

The feeling I got after watching her was emptiness. I felt nothing, after all, she was just a stranger, how could have I formed any kind of image of her in my mind?

I was told to go and see whether the class was open now by my father, so I went to see but I checked the wrong room, gave out the wrong information and got scolded. At which the girl laughed a hidden laugh, just puffing out a loud breath out of her nose while a smirk was slapped on her face.

That made me furious. I was not sure of whom I will end up befriending but I was sure she won't be on the list. I didn't like the attitude that she gave off, it made me furious.

That's exactly how Eleanor saw Park for the first time.

Then came the first day of college. I am already equipped to making new friends so it was not so hard for me to actually end up with a group of 3 friends.

We were all going to the auditorium when I saw her. She looked lost; maybe she was looking for someone.

Who knows? My mother had been nagging me to befriend her on the first day I met her. Back then I had refused to do so but I don't know what happened and the next thing I know, I was introducing myself to her. I ended up abandoning the group and sat with her, she asked me which fandom I belonged to.

The next thing I know, she took out her book and showed it to me. The next day we exchanged our books. Something that also happened between Eleanor and Park. There are so many incidents now after our 1st semester that to me now the book looks magical.




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