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The comeback - The story of Tiger woods

Monday, September 23rd, 2019 , by
The comeback - The story of Tiger woods

The Comeback – the story of Tiger Woods

He was a trendsetter. The word golf was synonymous to his name. I first heard about Tiger Woods in 2006 and what amazed me was how young he was, yet making headlines. At only 31, he had already won himself the title of the best golfer in the world. At the age of 20, he was already playing golf at a professional level, and a few months down the line he already won three events and broken a record.

He is known to many as Tiger Woods, but his official name is Eldrick Tont Wood. I have been his fan for quite several years, and for this reason, I got heartbroken on learning that he was having lots of personal problems that would even come between him and golf.

The events that took place in Tiger Woods' life from 2009 going forward is what brought out the fighter in him. Downfalls and comebacks characterized the next decade or so. Towards the end of 2009, he took a break from the field to sort out marital issues where he had been accused of being involved in extramarital affairs. The case ended in divorce, after which Woods went back to playing golf. As fate would have it, he managed to finish at position 58 in the 2011 season.

At this point, it looked like he had failed, but Tiger would not stay at the bottom. He quickly rose and reclaimed his top position in the 2013 – 2014 tournament, before another mishap came about, this time health-related.

As his fans, this was a sad place to be because we thought our legend was done. He underwent four back surgeries, and no one ever imagined he would be able to hit the small again, leave alone win a tournament. To confirm our fears, he managed to play only one game and didn't even manage to appear in the top 1000 golfers worldwide. Remember this is the person who was ever at the top of the golfers winning board, and who would always break his records.

He is the man who has failed to the lowest point in life but still manages to rise and shine, while at it. For most athletes, their stores are written off after the first significant failure or injury, but this was not the case for Tiger Woods.

He did not allow failure to define him. He went back to the field and kept playing until September 2018 when he managed his first win in five years. During the 2019 Masters, he got his first major after 11 years. Media houses across the world broadcasted this winning moment — the comeback.

Just like a cat, Tiger woods seems to be having nine lives. While the whole world was busy moving on and recognizing other winning golfers, my athletic hero was working on a comeback. While we were all afraid that it was the end of golfing for him because of his ill health, Eldrick Tont Woods remained positive that he would be back in the game.

Because of his fighting spirit, Woods was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (he is the fourth golfer to be awarded this honor). Watching him beat the odds and rise from ashes on several occasions gives me hope that even when things are very dark, there is still light ahead if I refuse to give up and fight on.

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