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The digital truth about humanity

Thursday, January 12th, 2017 , by
The digital truth about humanity


The internet is one of those beautiful things that show exactly what can happen when the public has freedom to do what they want with a system.

In a sense, it is the only truly democratic system in the world. If something is popular on the internet, it genuinely reflects public interest. If it exists on the internet, but garners no support or popularity, it reflects the public’s apathy.

Starting slowly in the 80’s it grew rapidly and exploded into every aspect of people’s lives. It reshaped news, entertainment, communication, socialisation, marketing and every other aspect of our lives. This alone is a testament to its incredible reach and power, but its true glory lies in the celebration of undiluted and unadulterated human nature.

The obscure combination of seemingly insensitive trolling and jokes, with genuine care and compassion, showcases the entire spectrum of human nature. It is as easy to educate yourself by making use of the internet, as it is to waste time watching people fall. For every person donating to a charity or worthy cause, there is another buying drugs or prostitutes. For every compliment or outpouring of support, there is another making fun of sensitive subjects.

Thus, in the hands of the free citizens, the internet stand as a testament to everything we are as a species. It records the truth of humanity, unfiltered, uncensored, just as it is, not just as we would have it presented or what is comfortable to see.

The internet is the truth of who we are.



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