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The music that gave my life a lost meaning - Melanie Martinez

Saturday, January 21st, 2017 , by
The music that gave my life a lost meaning - Melanie Martinez

I was extremely sad when I heard her song for the first time. I had truly given up on myself and had no hopes or ambitions.

I was now just a couch-potato, who didn't want to do anything no matter what happened.

After all, when I tried to do something, I always ended up being unhappy and not me.

It felt like life was trying to take everything away from me, be it a person or my sanity.

I am so sure this is something that everyone did feel in 2016.
If not, lucky you.

The thing is that at that time I felt so empty, I wasn't able to cry, crying physically started to hurt.

So I stopped doing even that, by this time I knew I had lost almost all of my sanity but the approval I was needing for was given to me was by her song "Mad Hatter".

It did something weird that I was not expecting a song could do, it brought my lost self-confidence back.

Slowly whenever I felt that I was scared of doing something, I started playing that music in my head, her lyrics telling me that I could do anything. She gave me the power to do things that I was no longer able to do.

Soon I started seeing myself in almost every song of hers. Almost all of her songs were somehow so relevant to the happenings in my life.

To add to that she was so confident in what she felt, whereas I was not but seeing how our feelings were same. She taught me how to feel confident in what I felt, no matter how negative it may be.

To add to all the positive things she has given to me she also has a beautiful voice, a freaky and creepy imagination.

I honestly fell in love with her creepiness, her way of accepting the negative side of her personality and the lyrics to her music.

This is my tribute to Melanie Martinez.


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