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Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 , by

A tribute to those who made me capable of this day 

The world as we know it is a place where we meet,   greet, seek thousand of people with a blink of an eye,  but the thing which really fascinates me is whether you meet a thousand of people or mere single, you will always remember those who made you capable of what you are today .parents maybe our social and moral guiders but teacher are not far behind them ,actually its all a polar opposite effect that teachers and parents think alike, teach alike and  appreciates us in the same way. Thank you for making our minutes and hours worthwhile the wait.

  • thank you miss noureen for keeping my hopes up
  • thankyou miss esba for teaching us what English means
  • thankyou miss Erum for guiding us with our sophisticated knowledge
  • thankyou miss Rubina for always encouraging me and giving me support 
  • thankyou miss Khalida  for teaching us a vital history of life and guiding us like a mother 
  • thankyou maa,m mehnaz for teaching me how to teach others.
  • thankyou sir Aqeel for teaching us maths , we miss your jokes and funny punishment and enthusiasm to teach
  • thankyou miss khahkashan for scolding me to speak and present the topics properly and making me a laughing stock because of that I am now somewhat capable of speaking today.

last but not the least a grand tribute of appreciation to my teachers from the Department of international relation for guiding us to do things by hook and crook

  • thank you ma'am ghazal for teaching us some important Essene and different aspect of politics  as easy as pie 
  • thankyou maam Sadia for guiding us with your kindness and politeness 
  • thankyou, ma'am Ayesha for giving me an opportunity to things for other cooperately and happily and thank you for always supporting us in every step of the way 
  • thankyou maam marium for teaching us till now to confident and carefree and to be courageous to handle things and motivate ourselves toward success 
  • and thank you maam Saroj for teaching us with enthusiasm and making us believe in the dream that we can do it with pride and actively 

and a big round of thanks to those teachers who promotes their lives for the upliftment of there young generation elites to play their role in society.

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Ayesha Qadeer

Ayesha Qadeer

  • Tuesday, 10 September 2019 16:13
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Beautifully written Tabinda. See i told you, you are capable of doing so much. Believe in urself ? and thanks alot for acknowleding our efforts jazakAllah