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The writer that makes me want for more of her work - LuckyLuv22

Monday, January 23rd, 2017 , by
The writer that makes me want for more of her work - LuckyLuv22

The person that makes me fangirl over non-existing humans, the person that makes me blush, she is “LuckyLuv22” you can easily find her on wattpad under this pseudonym.

She made me fall in love with the genre that I had started to hate, the reason for the hate was wattpad itself and also twilight. Werewolf.

I have been very obsessed with this particular genre but it seemed to be that people on wattpad are all about the “Rejected by the mate because she was an ugly duckling but she turned out to be the hottest person alive and now like a dog her mate that previously rejected her is roaming around her to get her approval,”.

Read any type of werewolf book you want on wattpad you will find the same plot line just a bit twisted, at first it was fun. but slowly it became irritating that the fact that just because she was ugly she wasn't able to stand for herself and just after her transformation all the boys swoon over her to the point she ends up getting stuck in a love triangle. Oh! And to add to that suddenly out of nowhere she becomes the most heroic you will ever see and she also turns out to be the “gifted one”.

This woman didn’t walk on the same path, she did make the main character as weak at first but she was despite being weak heroic. The main character is a human, not much of a rarity but she up grew up believing she was also a werewolf. Plot twist and this is only the first few chapters.

The whole book is filled with them, at every moment you won’t be able to expect what is going to happen.

It is filled with betrayal, dark twists and whatnot! Just like how I like my books, dark yet fun and filled with hope.

It’s funny how all the three are very different words but together they make you vanish into a fictional world you have been longing for. Her book just doesn’t fail to get a squeal of delight out of you.

The only thing that’s stopping it from becoming my favourite book is that it isn’t complete yet and has not been published. But I hope it does gets published in its raw form, I would be one of her first buyers from my country.



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