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This guy, Barry - A tribute to Barack Obama

Friday, September 20th, 2019 , by
This guy, Barry - A tribute to Barack Obama


The very first time I came across the name Barack Obama was in 2005 when he was vying for the US Senator position. The primary attraction was his name which sounded homely (I am from Kenya). Then I got to learn about the person behind the name and, oh my! In my opinion, he had it all right from the looks, his height, confidence, friendly face.  I couldn't understand how a person, flesh, and blood would seem perfect, but here was Barry. 

Born on August 4th, 1961, Barrack's family was a representation of the United Nations (sic). He has relatives from all over the world. His father was from Kenya, a black man while his mother was white. When growing up, his life was that of an average child, no much pomp. He struggled with identity issues in his teen years and even got into trouble on several occasions. Why is this important to me? It is an indication that my Mr. Perfect was human, after all.

With all his struggles growing up, Barrack managed to win the Senatorial race in 2005 elections. He was the fifth black man to make it to the office in the history of America, and the third to ever get a landslide win. But even before the election victory, he had won the hearts of many when he delivered the memorable 2004 Democratic National Convention keynote address.

While as his fans we were happy and contented that our guy had made it to the Senate, he pulled a major surprise on us when he announced his intention to vie for the highest seat in the United States of America. Everything seemed to be working against his ambition. Talk of sailing against the current (it has never been an easy thing to do). He faced his critics squarely and refused to subscribe to any form of propaganda. He made it to the White House and got to work. Remember he's always been the guy who gets things done.

Looking at his life and all that he managed to achieve, you might think his day had 28 hours. He got the country going, improved health care systems, fought and defeated the enemies; Barry was a man of action. When it was time to work, he gave it his all, and playtime was playtime.

His family was goals. He had time for them despite being in charge of the entire US government(this is very demanding by the way). Despite his social status, he would be spotted having light moments with ordinary people. The way he loved his wife, Michelle Robinson, who he married in 1992, my my, wasn't that woman lucky! The way he looked into her eyes, how he showered her with praises, who would not admire such a man? I hate to think that there is a woman somewhere who turned down his advances before he met Michelle (and there is). In my opinion, this is the most unlucky human in the world's history. 

Barack Hussein Obama was a father worth emulating. Blessed with two daughters Malia and Natasha, he was a present father. Barack allowed his daughters to go through life like healthy kids. He didn't let his title to interfere with their growing up. They played freely with their dogs, went out partying when their time to do so came, and when the media caught up with them, he would always defend them. This guy has a story that people from all walks of life can learn from. His story is that of hope, determination, resilience, persistence, and winning. So much can be deduced from his life. And for that, Barry remains the hero in my life that I have never met in person.

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