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To my teacher

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019 , by
To my teacher

The profession of teachers is considered noble and appreciated. It is not easy and requires substantial effort, both physical and emotional.

 When looking back for many years, I was in second grade in the preparatory school. There was a science teacher named Haneen. She was not only a teacher, but she was also a sister and mother for me.

 I remember well when I got sick. She came to my house every day before returning home. She loved me so much, made a big effort to help me.

 She had no children. So she looked after the students like a mother.

 The most important thing I have learned from her is giving. Her words are still in my memory so far.

 She told us:

 Give everything you have to those who do not have anything, and you will feel happy.

It is a good way to forget your worries and problems.

 I would like to share with you some of the things I have learned from her

 I have learned that it is always good to help those we love because it makes us happy to see them well. It is also rewarding to help those we do not know, as this can increase our relationships and friendships.

 Helping and giving will make us stop complaining about unimportant things, and help us to have a more positive vision in life.

 When you see how much you can do for the other, you will fully enjoy everything you have and you will become more optimistic.

 When you help people, the brain receives a feeling of reward, which translates into instant joy.

 Giving is a fundamental part of life to get everything. When we think about what we want out of life, whether we talk about the material or things like love.

We simply keep thinking about the part where we are rewarded and many times, we even ask ourselves why we have not achieved what we want, without realizing that we may be falling into selfishness. But we should realize that giving is a fundamental part of life to get everything.

 Love attracts more love, abundance grows more abundantly, and gratitude is rewarded with love and greater gratitude.

Scarcity can attract more poverty; hatred only causes misunderstandings and greater resentment. What you give is exactly what you receive.

 Do not be afraid to give your best, if you want to receive something good in return.


 My beloved teacher, I hope you read my warm and honest words.

 You make me understand myself. And helped me to understand the others and their needs.

 I want to thank you for the care and warmth you gave me. You were not just a teacher; you were a mother and sister.

 You always tried to reach everyone with innovative strategies in order to make our learning easy.

 Thank you for providing us with new knowledge.

Thank you for respecting us and taking into account our previous experiences in the learning process and incorporating them into new learning methods.

 Flowers in the world are not enough to collect a bouquet for you.

 I wish you good health; want you to have many beautiful, happy, sunny and bright days in your life.



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