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Tribute for Tim

Sunday, July 16th, 2017 , by
Tribute for Tim

Tim is a person that I met in a strange part of my life. When I met him, I was in an unhappy relationship with an emotionally abusive partner. I didn't know it was abusive until he told me and helped me get out of it. I never intended to fall for him, but some things are meant to happen, not through choice, but through fate.


I'd never believed in fate or miracles before I met him. I was a skeptic and a cynic due to years and years of being taken for granted and being taken advantage of. I had grown to think that maybe I was meant to have those things happen to me, over and over. As sad as it is, I was used to it. I didn't expect anything more. I never expected that to change, but it did, and definitely for the better.


I met Tim through a mutual friend. I saw him, and the room felt a bit brighter. I didn't notice it, of course. In retrospect, I should've noticed the way he lit up the room and the way when he spoke, people listened. He was a ray of light in the dark, he was something special. Over time, I did begin to notice things about him. How he tilted his head when he smiled, the dimples on either side of his cheeks that poked out when he laughed.


He has the exact dark, sarcastic humor that I have. We suit each other perfectly, and we grew closer and closer as time went on. We started seeing each other more often, even outside of the friend group we had somehow melded into. 


It wasn't until New Year's Eve until I realized I loved him. He showed up in a suit, completely overdressed to go downtown and watch the fireworks and drink hot chocolate. He didn't care, though. He never did, he did what he wanted when he wanted and his confidence is something that I'll always admire. His disregard for what others think is probably one of the biggest things that had me so drawn to him. He's an enigma; reckless but careful, snarky but kind. I realized that I loved him when the clock struck twelve and everybody was shouting and counting down and he didn't kiss me, but he drew me into a hug and I still remember the warmth of his skin despite the freezing temperature and his stubble on my cheek.


After the realization that I loved him, I didn't know what to do. It wasn't long before he admitted his feelings and even though it should've been completely obvious for the both of us, we were both oblivious.


Dating Tim has been the craziest experience of my life, it's been passionate and silly and everything I could ever want in a relationship. He truly is my other half, as corny as that sounds. I wouldn't trade him for anything, not for money, not for some handsome celebrity that everyone drools over. I'd search for him in a crowded room every single time. I will always choose him and I know it. There's nobody else that could make me feel as safe as he does, there's nobody else that could still give me butterflies when he smiles at me.


Trying to list everything I love about him is difficult, there are so many facets to him; he's complex but simple to me. We seem to be completely in tune with each other all the time, we can communicate with just a glance and know exactly what the other means.


I love his brown eyes and the way they shine when he talks about something he's passionate about. I could listen to him talk for hours about quantum physics, even though I know nothing about it, just to bathe in his presence and his exuberance. He's so intelligent, though he's too humble to say it. He's the hardest worker I've ever met, he has this motivation and drive for life that I've never seen in anyone else before. He has such a bright future ahead of him, he has so much potential. Tim is so much more than what meets the eye, he's hilarious, sure, but he's such a beautiful person, inside and out.


His wit is another thing that I admire about him. He's so funny, sarcastic with a dry sense of humor. His jokes make everyone in the room laugh without even trying. We have the same sense of humor and endless inside jokes that nobody else could even try to understand. We banter all the time, and people who don't know us might think we're fighting, but it's all in good fun. If he ever goes too far with a joke, he makes sure to tell me he's kidding and that he loves me.


Speaking of love, he is one of the biggest softies I've ever met. He might act like he has no feelings, but when it comes to me, he's such a sweetheart. He loves to cuddle, which nobody would expect, but he's always either holding my hand or has his hand on my leg or something. He reaches for my hand in his sleep, which is so endearing and it makes my heart melt every time. He loves kisses and he'll never tell anyone that he giggles if you kiss a certain part of his cheek. He'd tell you it's because he's ticklish there, but no, it just makes him really happy. He's the kind of boyfriend who sends you a million hearts after an I love you over text just to make sure you know how deeply he feels and how much he means it. He has such a big heart and he holds his family and friends dear. He'd never, ever hurt me on purpose and if he does on accident, he'll make sure that he makes up for it somehow, whether it be buying dinner for me or holding me and reassuring me how much he loves me and how sorry he is.


He's such a unique person that it's difficult to describe him in ways other than perfect. I love him more than life itself and I'm so excited for our future together.


Here's to you, Timothy Ross. I love you more than you could ever imagine. You're the love of my life and I'm so glad that we got so lucky as to exist at the same time and in the same place as you. I'd follow you to the end of the Earth and more if you needed me to.

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