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Tribute to a wonderful mom

Monday, March 4th, 2019 , by
Tribute to a wonderful mom

I consider myself the luckiest man on the earth just by looking at my family. My caring mother has done everything that she could and even more for me and this tribute is dedicated to her, a beautiful blonde woman who has had the same amazing smile for more than 24 years. But that would be all I can say.

Living in a small city, full of great people, my mother would always let me stay out late and spend the best childhood with my friends. Going back 15 years later, I recall her calling my name out the window saying:" Dragos, you have not eaten in hours, won't you come in and get some food, then go out again?". But who could just leave all the ongoing games just to eat? Well, my mother had the solution. She used to make sandwiches and bring cookies out to the playground and give them to be. Of course not just for me..the entire "band" was fed by my mother and I am sure they all loved her as much as I did. Always laughing, always willing to listen to me and always trying to make me feel loved. She totally succeeded. 

Growing up was easy with my family support. So much love in our family and even though fights happened sometimes, my parents would not let us suffer on them and would quickly "fix" them. When the times are happy, so was my mother and so we all were. She was the soul of the family, always dancing, always laughing, always telling jokes. One memory we both recall very often is about a road-trip traveled just by the two of us. I was like 6 and 7 and bough a book full of jokes to have for the road.Even though I could barely read, but she would just laugh at all of my jokes and I laughed too, just because she did.The happiness in her eyes was enormous and I am so glad I could bring her such a moment of joy. I would often as a kid do everything to make her feel special, and I try to do my best for her now too.

But sometimes times do not stay happy for long. My mother would make huge sacrifices to keep me in school when we had troubles with money and always encouraged me to study because education is the key. And I believe she was right. I did not disappoint her and got a bachelor degree and now working full time on a great job. Most of this is owned to her, to her trust in me and to her positive attitude during the bad times. And those things based on her powerful mindset and her love for the family.

Even though, growing up, we've had some fights, we always managed to get over them and have a great son-mom relationship. I admit that my attitude towards her was sometimes inappropriate and apologized to her for all the moments that I made her feel sad. Those moments were rare, but they existed. Let's hope they won't repeat in the future. 


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