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Tribute to Internet Founders

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 , by
Tribute to Internet Founders

                                                        Tribute to Internet Founders

The internet and indeed the World Wide Web has been a blessing to every human on earth and even to the generations yet unborn. A developed, advanced and well networked and connected world is made possible through the invention of the internet as many things have since changed since its invention till date. The internet and the World Wide Web is very effective in changing the course and pattern of human life, the daily activities of humans at every sector and in every country or region. It is to me, the best, and most important and beneficial invention in recent times. The founders deserve a tribute and that is why am doing this on behalf of million of people that daily rely on internet, world wide web and their derivatives in information communication technology as a basis of operations.

It is an easy job to list how the internet and the web has changed the world in such a massive way. One only need to think of the years before the invention of internet and how hard and difficult it was to communicate with family members, friends and relatives, send and receive formal information between cooperate organisations and agencies to know the wonder of the internet. Communication is now transformed and reformed that anyone can get information in seconds and send same to anywhere on the globe via various messaging applications and websites. The effectiveness of the internet and World Wide Web is also noticed and well emphasised in the business and marketing sector of humanity. Marketing used to be a concept for print and electronic media outfits but the internet and specifically, the social media websites have created a niche in marketing called digital marketing that has promoted lots of businesses that daily make tons of sales online.

Knowledge has abound, many more invention now available because of the manifold possibilities of the internet while the financial banks and sector has also been improved with online payment and transfer of cash. The cryptocurrency and various other platforms that allows for payment and sending of money to even unbanked citizens and individuals around the world. Ecommerce stores now provide convenience and comfort for majority of people who wants to shop and still remain at home. People now order and get items bought delivered at their doorsteps in minutes or within few days just because they can communicate with sellers on websites known as ecommerce stores.

Looking back at the dark days of no internet, when you need to wait for days to have money transferred, have access to television shows and movies only from cable networks, have to visit the banks to have an account opened and suffer many horrible conditions. This will make anyone reason deep about the importance of a network that connects us together as a one small world. Tribute to the founders of the internet from those that started it to those that made it perfect for us all.  It’s a big tribute from me because writing this and posting for many to see is even made possible by the powers of internet and the web. This comes as a gratitude and I sincerely hope someone is well appreciated.

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