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Tribute to Nature

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 , by
Tribute to Nature

                                                                     Tribute to Nature

Nature is the entirety of the various physical and material things including the plants, animals, seas and oceans, land, landscape in the world. Humans are not part of nature but has benefited from it most from time immemorial till now as nature continues to provide the various resources that man needs for survival. Nature has so much than we can quantify and value in worth. I looked to the skies and behold the marvellous wonders of the firmament and clouds that produces the rain that serves as the source of water and life. The shinning sun and bright moons. The air humans breathe is of nature that is produced from a very complex dynamics that science explained as the release of oxygen and the absorption of carbodioxide by plants.

Nature produces the food to life sustenance of humanity and it has been doing that since the times of the early men. The land is an abode of nutrients required to produce the fruits, veggies and all we need for food. It also provides a surface for the growth of herbs and some trees which are medicinal and from which we source basic petrochemicals used in making drugs to cure diseases, ailments and sicknesses. Land provides much more bounty. We found lots of resources, metal ore, gold, silver which are valued in millions. Thinking of all these, I found myself praising nature as a mother with so much blessings to offer humans of all generations and ages.

It is a mother that offers and never withholds. It gives and does so much more even when being depleted by the activities of humans since millions of years till this present time. Humanity owes nature appreciation and as such I am offering a tribute to Nature in the stead of billion of people once sustained and still being sustained by the manifold resources given freely by it. I behold the seas, the oceans and how beautiful the water falls, beaches and forest are. I behold the numerous organisms like fishes, crabs and many other sea foods. The crude oil with which we power various engines for ages, the water that transport both humans and goods as it enhances international trade.

I could not fathom how man would have existed and enjoyed the earth without nature. Nature gives life and it also sustains it. Nature is indeed a blessing to all humanity. A tribute from me to it and all that that is contained in its broad definition. It is a big tribute because without it, myself and many other human numbering up to billions on earth would be nowhere. Man has always been appreciated and awarded for inventing and creating machines, solving problems and giving great ideas. Never have I seen anyone give a worthy tribute to Nature with which all inventions and creations are made possible.

For every man that breathes, eats or feeds, works on land, rides on cars or flies on aircraft, that has been cured of ailments, then a tribute to nature is inevitable. A tribute that means I realise how nature has been good to all race of human without discrimination and favouritism is all I can give and offer.   

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