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Tribute to Tamaannah Bhatia

Saturday, November 18th, 2017 , by
Tribute to Tamaannah Bhatia

This is a tribute to Tamannah Bhatia. She is one the most talented and versatile and my favorite Indian actresses. Tamannah was born on 21 December 1989 in Mumbai, India. Tamannah’s father is a diamond merchant who sure has given us a diamond in the form of his daughter who is such a brilliant actress and performer. She started her acting career at Mumbai's Prithvi Theatre and later she picturized a Bollywood song in 2005 called “Lafzon mein” by Abhijeet Sawant. Tamannha was very young when she started taking interest in acting which she later chose as a career.

I mostly fancy Tamannah because she is young, beautiful and knows her way with acting. She knows very well how to gain attention of audience by giving an electrifying performance. Tamannah is a fitness junkie, most of her instagram posts are about fitness & nutrition. That is exactly the reason she has a glowing fair skin and a fit model like body.

There is a reason we call her versatile and that is no matter how hard & challenging a role is, it is always a piece of cake for Tamannah. Tamannah not only speaks Hindi & English but she is also very good at speaking a couple of south Indian languages called Tamil & Telugu. She also speaks Sindhi as she is of Sindhi descent.

Tamannah is an exceptionally good dancer. I’ve seen her dancing in many award shows and almost every movie she starred in. Her dance is extremely eye catchy. Her facial expressions are beyond this world. We can see the intensity of her acting by only looking at her face while she is performing.

Tamannah is the kind of woman that influences others. She really inspires me and motivates me to achieve my goals and make it through life. I love independent women as they inspire me and Tamannah is one of them. I love almost everything about my most favorite actress. She is blessed with big, bright hazel eyes, dark long hair and a luscious pair of lips.

Tamannah is a model also and not just like every other model. She is the kind of model that will rock and win the fashion show. She can easily carry all kind of dresses which is the most important and noticeable thing about a model or even a woman. I have seen her wearing all kind of dresses and she looks extremely good wearing every single one of them.

Tamannah recently showcased her acting skills in India’s highest grossing movie known as “Bahubali: The Beginning”. My friends often ask me, for what reason did they pick Tamanna in Baahubali, I think Tamanna answers this question herself by giving such an electrifying performance which will be remembered for her beauty and additionally for her warrior Avatar. At one time she resembled some super attractive glamorous lady while at the other time she was a bold warrior and she demonstrated her hard work in those action scenes also.

Hard work and dedication make a person successful. To me, Tamannah Bhatia is a living example of this.


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