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Tribute To the Man Who Completes Me

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 , by

If anyone had told me, even six months ago, that my view on love and relationships would change, I would have laughed in their face.  All of my friends and family will tell you that I was cynical, jaded and absolutely, unequivocally done with relationships.  I am famous, among my peers for lines such as:

All people in relationships have one foot out the door, some just don't know it yet.

Perfect for me?  Is he duct taped in the corner and not breathing?  Then he is not perfect for me.

When asked what I want from a relationship, my general answer was "Usually Out."  During this time of relationship loathing, I was asked to drive a man to his home one day.  I thought nothing of it, simply was following a friend's request.  As always, this man too began to flirt somewhat, and asked me questions, like would I attend a blues bar with him if here were to ask one day, etc. etc.  I dropped him off and carried on about my world.  I ran into this man a few times during the next few months.  I would of course be cordial, and even sat and had a drink with him on a few occasions.  As is my style, when I was ready to leave, would make some excuse, or even lie that I would be back - and ditched for home.  

I found myself thinking about this man from time to time.  I was completely and thoroughly disgusted with myself for even finding the man attractive, much less pondering about him.  I even found myself returning to the same pub I seemed to run into him at, only to remember that he lived elsewhere most of the time.  Nowhere in my brain, did I consciously think that I was "interested" in him or that I would even say yes if he did ever ask me out.  However, on a memorable Friday night, not so very long ago, I found myself with friends in that very same pub.  I glanced to a table by the door and noticed that the friend he usually met was sitting there alone.  Much to my surprise, I found myself somewhat excited at the prospect that this man was perhaps there again to meet this same friend.

Within ten minutes, and to my delight (sigh), I watched as the subject of my thoughts sauntered in.  I quickly (and with no clue as to why) went over to the table, and said hi to him.  I invited them to join our table at the other end of the pub.  To make matters even more puzzling to myself, when they did not immediately jump up and run over to join us, I went back and invited them again.  My girlfriend (well aware of my avid repulsion for relationships) looked at me like I was an alien, as I shuffled our table around to include the two men, now joining us.  Ironically, we were at a "Singles" event, so she really wondered why I was inviting these men over.  

The evening progressed in it's usual style, laughter, light flirting and great conversation.  When I was ready to leave, this man of my thoughts, who has suddenly materialized again, offered me a ride home.  Instinct assured me, I was safe to accept and I so I did.  He was a perfect gentleman

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