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Victoria, My Super Woman.

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 , by
Victoria, My Super Woman.

I can’t forget the first time I saw your picture on your elder sister’s phone in the year 2013, Your Elder sister was my colleague at my former work place. I don’t know what made me snoop through her phone that faithful day but I later got to understand nothing just happens by coincidence.
I was blown away by your beauty, your smiles, curves and I won’t forget the skimpy bum shot that could make any man retrace his steps to Mother Nature...LOL.I gazed at your picture for a long while to the extent I was almost going home that day with your sister’s phone.

I knew I had to make the fastest move than any gun slinger in the town or else I would lose my shot, I felt my heart beat faster than a disc player, sweat and adrenaline played down my spine like a siren that whispered in my ear lobes. I just knew I had to have you even if it was the last thing I accomplished on earth like the first man on the moon.

I finally told your sister my good intentions towards you and she just smiled and told me she would tell you about me but deep within me I knew she wasn’t going to deliver my mail, I knew at that time the delivery boy was just going to discard my mail even before it got to the mail box.

Fortunately I kept reminding your sister and she kept telling me she had spoken to you and she gave my number to you so we could talk, at that time you didn’t have any phone according to your sister. To tell the truth I was scared and was thinking was I being played..? Hmmm.

A month later after I had given up and lost my light at the end of the tunnel, you sent me a chat message on whatsapp. At first I didn’t want to show too much anxiety because I had to be sure I knew who I was chatting with, when I finally knew it was you, you really needed to see my grin from ear to ear I was like a wild Cheshire cat.

We really chatted for a long time on the phone; we connected like a key being used to open a treasure chest, you were all fun no dulling moment. We kept chatting for days and anytime we spoke on the phone my chest always puffed up. I just couldn’t wait to meet you in person and what made me fall in Love with you, you were God fearing, an amazing voice, and your ways of reasoning were just out of the ordinary also you were a LOVER of chicken at that time I knew I would have to go into the poultry business.

We finally got acquainted 3 months later, the first time you came visiting at my place I was all shaky because I had no clue on what to entertain you with until I thought I could impress you with my so called kitchen specialty that I bragged to you that no chef in the history of kitchenry (Although I know no such words exists for now but this time just enjoy my new use of words) could stand me.

I cooked the most watery noodles in the history of noodle making that day for you and you just ate it with so much some discomfort mixed with passion but inside you, you were all teary eyed.
From that time I knew I could count on you, from that time I knew anyone who could survive my watery noodles had to be my friend for life and the most wonderful thing of it all, it was you.
7 years later ,we are now Man and Wife and God has blessed us with the most Beautiful daughter that history is yet to know.

You are truly my Super Woman,Strong,Beautiful,Independent,Strong headed,Amazing mum,You see things that I don’t and protect me from getting hurt.
You shield me from the Wolves, I am glad we have been a team, Indestructible, and till death do us part we shall always be 1+1.
Victoria you will always be a Blessing to me.






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