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When I can't, you can

Thursday, January 12th, 2017 , by
When I can't, you can


I am a classical singer studying at Westminster Choir College and i like to think I am a strong individual, but when when i'm practicing and singing, my confidence can sometimes diminish.

Now, it's not like i am null and void of confidence, i just have a hard time figuring out if i'm singing with the right technique, or if i am holding my support, and especially deciphering the correct technique to sing with when i am being bombarded with different techniques from many different teachers.

Hands down, i love it. I will sing at The MET one day. But i have a while to go.

Mark knows that. He knows when i sing off, or don't sing with the correct timbre, it's not because i'm not trying or being lazy. He is always able to figure out what is wrong and fix it with his yoga voice technique. The way he puts it, it's all about the intention of the sound and where you want it to go. Hold the ends of the rubber band and just sing.

He gets this process is incredibly difficult, because he has gone through the days of practicing when you don't think you sound acceptable, and the performances that you wish would just end. He has battled through all of those hardships and remained on top and now is helping me to do the same. When I'm not able to be nice to myself, he is able to push the sun through the clouds and make me realize why i started singing, and why i must sing at The MET.

When I am not capable of realizing that it's a process, he wakes me up and helps me understand it won't be perfect. Not today or tomorrow. When I can't, you can. He makes me want to work that much harder for the goals i want to achieve.

I somehow wonder why he cares so much about each student. I have the answer. He sees himself in each one of his students, and he wants each one of his students to succeed and work harder than ever before because he sees potential in them. I have a hard time seeing what he sees when i listen to myself or practice, but he has this way of finding the root of your issue, and squashing it.

Tree pose to warrior pose, he finds ways to weed out the difficult parts of my voice and address them head first. Why he tries so hard for me is because he believes in me, and that's all i need to keep going. I will sing at The MET.

Thank you Mark Moliterno

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