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Wisdom Born of Pain - Tribute to Women Survivors

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 , by

While scouting through old tunes recently, I came across an old classic written by Ray Burton with the lyrical and vocal assistance of the icon who made the song famous "Helen Reddy."  At the time of the song's release, the world was embarking upon a  changing structure of society. This being the continued stirrings of the woman's movement.  The catchy little tune  "I am Woman" was a song created to express or rather capture the feelings, and ambiance of this growing cause. 

However, as I listened to the words as they floated from my speakers, I was suddenly overcome with emotions from my own traumatic journey of yesterdays.  I began to hear the words in a increasingly personal and somewhat overwhelming light.  I drifted further into dark and dangerous waters, that had been welled and boarded from public display.  I was back in a memory of years ago,  in which  I was held against my will, chained to a desk for 34 hours, left with no food, water or even blanket.  To further desecrate any remaining glimmer of self worth, this out of body, cerebral nightmare was unfolding at the same time as my menstraul cycle.  Thus, ensuring even less strength or motivation to try and rise above the helpless situation.

I was fortunate enough to be rescued from this particular situation, at least physically.  The journey saw me through one more major assault ending in bruising, bleeding and gunfire, before the cycle would end for me.  However, just like many of my sisters across the land, I too one day, picked myself off the floor (metaphorically as well) and vowed with a ferocious blast, that no  one would ever keep me down again.

Yes I am wise, but believe me when I tell you, for woman who have survived as I have, it is indeed "Wisdom born of pain."  We did indeed gain knowledge, wisdom, strength and insight. However, as the most poiniant sentence of the song refrains, we most definitely paid the price!  You can bend but never break me, cause it only serves to make me more determined to achieve my final goal -which in this case is the strength to overcome our scars, and the wisdom to never find ourselves there again.

The words of this catchy, old tune prompted me to create this tribute.   May we only use what we have endured to provide support and understanding to others who may one day see themselves as Women Survivors!  Hear us Roar!



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