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You've seen it all

Friday, January 13th, 2017 , by
You've seen it all


You really have. My double meniscal tears on my left knee, my transition into singing. You have truly seen everything my life has become and will become.

We were friends way back when we were dancing at EDE. I met you, and i remember thinking she is amazing, i hope i can become like her. When i first talked to you, that was different.

My first words to you were, 'You're so tall.' I can't believe that was what i first said! But as the days went by, we became more than friends. We became life partners, battling each lifestyle choice and obstacle with a smile and a bow.

You went off to Loyola, and i went to the hospital for my first surgery. I should've learned my lesson and stopped dancing then, but i was hellbent on dancing again, and this was before i realized i wanted to be a classical singer more.

I have always been singing classical music, but i wasn't on track for a career though. When you called me up and asked me how i was, i started to cry. But you knew exactly what to say, and i found my inner courage to keep going, to keep fighting, just like the good old days in the studio.

The second time it happened, i knew i was ready for a change. I called you up, and we chatted, i texted throughout the process. You were and are so supportive in all of my choices, and for me being who i want to be.

You have been there the entire time, and i want to say to the world. Sofia Mazich of Loyola College is a great dancer, and a greater friend.


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