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You will be missed

Friday, January 13th, 2017 , by
You will be missed

Dear grandpa (Ah Gong), It was a mixture of sadness and happiness when you left us.

During the last visit at your house, you were not happy. In fact, you were in anger, probably due to the lack of interaction with others since your eyesight and hearing has deteriorated as you aged.

The next time I saw you, you were already hospitalized and unconscious. It was depressing to see you lying there, unable to move or talk. Few days later after your discharge, you left us, leaving behind your pain and anger, bringing with you peacefulness and happiness.

At first, I was sad, thinking of your permanent absence in our life. When I was a kid, you pampered me and my sister and showed a lot of affection, just like the typical loving Asian grandparent.

Despite the language barrier between us from different generations, I could feel your love. Years later, when I grow up and start having the ability to repay you, you have forgotten us because of the weakening memories. I could only take care of you physically, unable to make you mentally happy, as I was only a stranger to you. But still, at least I could give you company and let you feel cared.

While having your funeral, I soon felt happy for you. You were no longer in pain, only calmly ‘sleeping’ and ‘resting’. Every one of us said you would be very happy to see you children, grandchildren as well as relatives from different states to gather and see you off your last journey. There was also a band playing classical music which grandma said you loved very much and sang them frequently.

You loved merriness, and thus my mom and uncle arranged your last ‘gathering’ to fit your liking. I guessed you were happy, with all your children and grandchildren accompanying you.

Although you have departed on your journey in life, you will always live in our hearts.

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