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Your Page Could Be Here

Friday, January 12th, 2018 , by
Your Page Could Be Here

When you create a page on Tributize it looks like this. 

Tell someone how special they are - in your own words.

Who do you want to Tributize? your mother? your best friend? your teacher? You can make a page for anyone and everyone that you love. 

Tell your mother how thankful you are or tell you sister how proud you are of her. It's a perfect place to write the words that are often difficult to say face-to-face.

A birthday? an anniversary? On any occasion it's a gift that's really meaningful and lasting.  

And when you create a page on Tributize, it's online for as long as you want.  

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So how does it work? 

The title for your page becomes the permanent url that you can share with friends and family (or keep to yourself - the choice is yours). For this example it would be 

And sharing the page is as easy as clicking on the icons at the bottom (just above the comments section) - why not try it now?

You choose a photo for the main image and that appears beneath the title. It is also used if you share the post on social media. (Try it now)

Once you've added the title, some text and the main image, you can save your page. How can you edit it? simple. When you are logged in you will see an 'edit' link next to the date at the top of your page.

Can't find your page? Use the blue Search bar at the top. Or go to your profile (top right) and you will see all your pages on the 'My Tributes' tab. Like This

A picture is worth a thousand words so upload some more photos to make it really great. Just choose the image gallery tab and you can add some great photos like the examples below.

And to finish it off, how about a video? Choose the 'media' tab and link to a video on YouTube or another provider. You can see the Tributize video as an example below.

Once your page is live, your friends can add their comments below. Don't worry we'll keep it spam free for you.

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