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Friends & Family
Say Thanks With A Tribute

A Friends & Family Tribute is a page for someone you love!

Say "Thank you" to your friends and family in a sincere and lasting way.

If you want to show your love in a sincere and lasting way or say a heart felt thank you while having fun, take a peek at what our community have been Tributizing. Here are a few of our top picks from everyone from best pals who want to say a few words to crazy grandkids and proud mothers with something to shout about.


2007 is a long time ago – 10 entire years.…

Sister of my Heart

When I first knew you-When was that?I have always known…

For my little warrior

My love, It's very hard to know where to begin.…

When I can't, you can

I am a classical singer studying at Westminster Choir College…

My only best friend forever - mom

We all have that one best friend with which we…

The Better Half of Me

I have never to this day (and likely won't again)…

An Unexpected Friendship

 For each of my best friends, I’ve had a cute…

Becoming yourself

You often call me on the phone or drop by…

Our Roger, Like no Other

The noise and fanfare of the memorable milestones which transpired…

To my Mother

I wish I could heal you in all the places…

On Love and Happiness...

You I met a man four years ago, he was…

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