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We made Tributize for you.

A personal collection to commemorate the important people in your life. 

Lasting thank you pages to share with friends and family. 

It's so easy and you can edit your pages at any time.

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"I could see her smile starting as soon as she realised what it was, and by the end she was wiping her eyes" - J.L

"I'm glad that I made her happy and gave her a look into my real feelings" - E.S.

"There are things in that tribute I've never said to my mother out loud and it felt good" - I.R.

There are so many ways to use Tributize

Tributize Saying Thanks

Saying Thanks

Thank you to healthcare workers!

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers do so much for us. Create a lasting, public thank you with a dedicated page on Tributize.

Tributize Pet Memorials

Pet Memorials

Kirby Todd

An online pet memorial to Kirby Todd, a good friend who left behind many nice memories. If you've ever had a dog then you know how much they become part of the family and how sad it is when they leave.  A pet memorial is a lovely way to remember and say thanks.

Hye Young Borden

MyPage - Your Personal Page

HyeYoung Borden

A MyPage which tells the storyof HyeYoung Borden, a talented dancer. Do you know someone who could showcase their talents in the same way? A MyPage provides a simple but effective way to create a personal webpage about you. 

Tributize Online Memorials

Memorial Tributes

Memorial Tribute for Mary Ann Holser
An online memorial tribute for Mary Ann Holser. We believe that a memorial tribute should not be sad or depressing, but a positive celebration of all the happy memories. It's a wonderful way to keep and share stories and pictures with friends and family near and far.

Fan Pages

Metallica - The Legend Continues

A fan page which pays tribute to the rock legends Metallica. You don't need to be a rock fan to create a fan page. A fan page can be for anyone and anything. Who or what is important to you? Make a page and tell them how much they mean to you!

Tributize E-Greetings


Best Wishes for the holidays
An online greeting card with all the advantages of an e-card, but you can also share it with friends and family. It's a lasting, eco-friendly way to say thanks on any occasion.
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See What Our Users Say

  • Sunette K.

    Sunette K.

    I think it's a nice idea. A lot of people have things to say but have no platform. The world can always use some more positivity and kind words." "Writing tributes made me think about the things that I am grateful for. It made me realise all the blessings I have. It was a great experience to honour the people in this way.

  • Jo L.

    Jo L.

    My mum cried when I gave her the tribute. I got her alone and made her put aside everything else, then handed it to her and waited while she read it. I could see her smile starting as soon as she realised what it was, and by the end she was wiping her eyes.
  • Jesse F.

    Jesse F.

    Tributize is an awesome idea for a social site. An online, living monument to whatever you want. Reading through the pages is almost like walking through a memorial garden, except that garden has been built by friends, family, and strangers around the world

  • Meera N.

    Meera N.

    Tributize is the dash of positivity missing in today's social media. It encourages people to recognize the good in others, while building their online presence. What better way to connect with people, than a platform that highlights achievements and good living?

  • Teikou L.

    Teikou L.

    At first it was difficult to put into words how I felt, but once I got rolling on the tribute, I got to relive some memories and it made me smile
  • Daria K.

    Daria K.

    My mother said that she had a lump in her throat when reading this Tribute as the picture came alive before her eyes.
  • Elisha S.

    Elisha S.

    Writing the tribute made me feel many emotions. It made me feel both happy and sad. I laughed and cried while recalling the wonderful memories that I had. I shared the tribute with my grandmother and she really loved it and cried tears of joy. She feels happy that I let it all out and tapped into how I really felt.
  • Adelina K.

    Adelina K.

    Writing this tribute for this person that I really love and care about made me emotional and nostalgic due to our physical distance. It made me realize how beautiful it is to not allow negative things that exist to define this world, but instead bring the best of someone, of yourself and all the positive and great things we are given.

My Promise To You

My name is James Smith.

I am the founder of Tributize.com and CEO of Tributize AG. 

I know how important your personal pages are to you and the emotional attachment that we all have to our treasured memories. 

I want to provide you with a reliable, affordable platform where you can keep your memories and share with friends and family.

I am committed to the highest possible standards of customer service, and to your complete satisfaction.

If you have suggestions to improve our platform, if you need help using the site or just inspiration for creating your personal pages, please feel free to reach out to me via the contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you, and as the old saying goes

"If you're not happy tell us. If you're happy tell others!"

Many thanks and happy tributizing 


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