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Whether you’re a fan, want to say thanks or just want to pay tribute to someone who’s awesome there’s always Tributize - where the world comes to worship.

Our top picks

On Love and Happiness

I met a man four years ago, he was the one I want to jump in with into this black hole called love. We came from the opposite sides of the world with different cultures, different practices, different skin colours and different perspectives in life. He was everything that I did not expect fate..


Since the day I was born up until this very day, an inexhaustible source of love, support and care. For more than two decades she never took a sick day, never judged and was always there. Sacrificed so much and asked for nothing in return. Showed and taught me right from wrong and...


I'd never believed in fate or miracles before I met him. I was a skeptic and a cynic due to years and years of being taken for granted and being taken advantage of. I had grown to think that maybe I was meant to have those things happen to me, over and over...

Why Tributize?

Because people are extraordinary. From music legends to family and friends, there's always someone who deserves a tribute.


If you want to show your love in a sincere and lasting way or say a heart felt thanks while having fun, take a peek at what our community have been Tributizing. Here are a few of our top picks from everyone from best pals who want to say a few words to crazy grandkids and proud mothers with something to shout about.


Show your appreciation and build a fan tribute to your favorite stars. From movies to music, television to sports it’s time to share the spotlight. If you love film, art, books, entertainment, team sports, extreme sports…Check out these Tributized legends…and create your own fan tribute.


Our Tributes are a fitting, interactive way to keep memories alive and celebrate people who have passed on. It’s a special place for you and for everyone who wants to pay their respects to come together and share a life lived well. Say it before it's too late, say it to make the people left behind feel great. Feel free to have a look at some of the heartfelt postings... and add your own


There are just some things we think are perfect. From cars to kitchen gadgets, these must haves are just like people, they’re a big part of our lives. If you love things like technology, buildings, boats, places and all things nice, why not take a glance at these Tributized favorites like Coffee, the Internet, Nature, Exercise and more…and add your own.

Create your first tribute. It’s a snap


One click to sign up and you can start your first tribute. What better way to honor someone you admire?


Now you can get rolling. Tell the world with words, choose your favorite photos, and create the perfect tribute.


Invite your friends, build a buzz on social media and let the world pay tribute with you. Our sharing tools make it a breeze.

Create a happier universe

There’s nothing like the special feeling of paying a personal tribute. It’s a spotlight on everyone and everything that’s great. Inspire yourself and others with positive words, pictures, and video clips.

With Tributize you can write good things to keep and share. From musicians to actresses, best buddies to your awesome grandmother, it’s a way to remember and show your respect and admiration.

It’s a collection of your favorites, a meeting place for all the special people in your life, and a time capsule to preserve the things you care about.

Hear it from our global community

  • Meera Nair

    Meera Nair

    Tributize is the dash of positivity missing in today's social media. It encourages people to recognize the good in others, while building their online presence. What better way to connect with people, than a platform that highlights achievements and good living?

  • Jesse Frier

    Jesse Frier

    Tributize is an awesome idea for a social site. An online, living monument to whatever you want. Reading through the pages is almost like walking through a memorial garden, except that garden has been built by friends, family, and strangers around the world

  • Lyann Goo

    Lyann Goo

    It was an enjoyable experience writing on Tributize. I took time to actually recall kinds deeds and memorable events I had with those important to me. Writing nice things about people left me with a positive feeling and reminded me to appreciate nice things in life, especially in this fast-paced society where I tend to take things for granted.

  • Sunette Kruger

    Sunette Kruger

    I think it's a nice idea. A lot of people have things to say but have no platform. The world can always use some more positivity and kind words." "Writing tributes made me think about the things that I am grateful for. It made me realise all the blessings I have. It was a great experience to honour the people in this way.

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Tributize is the dash of positivity missing in today's social media. It encourages people to recognize the good in others, while building their online presence.
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