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Make Someone Happy Today

Tell me more about Tributize

The idea is simple -  you write nice things about other people. You enjoy writing the tribute page. They enjoy reading it. You're both happy. The experience is therapeutic and emotionally satisfying. Try it.

Tributize - the online home for everything you love.

Did you ever tell your mother how much you love her? Or your best friend how much their friendship is worth? Or your favorite singer the pleasure she gives you? Or your grandfather how much you miss him? With a tribute page on Tributize your personal words of appreciation show that you really care. It’s the online home for everything you love.

Take a look at some of our tribute pages

The mother of modern dance

Born in 1894, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Martha Graham is the…

Nigel Benn - the dark destroyer

Nigel Benn was a powerhouse among boxers. Known to his…

George Michael

George Michael was an incredibly talented musician as well as…

Ronnie Corbett - a comic genius

Ronnie Corbett. "It's goodnight from me." "And it's goodnight from…

Goya. Stepping stone between the Old Masters and the Great Moderns

I'm two thousand miles away from Spain, but I'm leafing…


Since the day I was born up until this very…

Healthy and Delicious

There are many varieties of green tea: sencha, matcha, gunpowder,…

Lemmy from Motorhead

Sad news today that Lemmy from Motorhead has died. I…

A Tribute To India's Road Doctor

My country India is a country of 1.3 billion people. …

When I can't, you can

I am a classical singer studying at Westminster Choir College…

To my mum. I love you!

There really are no words that I can use to…

To My Best Friend

Hey Disney, my dear friend. This is our fourth Friendversary.…

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Why Tributize?

Because people are extraordinary. From music legends to family and friends, there's always someone who deserves a tribute.



A Place To Keep Your Memories Forever


Show Them You Care


Build A Fan Tribute To Your Favorite Stars

Create a happier universe

There’s nothing like the special feeling of paying a personal tribute. It’s a spotlight on everyone and everything that’s great. Inspire yourself and others with positive words, pictures, and video clips.

With Tributize you can write good things to keep and share. From musicians to actresses, best buddies to your awesome grandmother, it’s a way to remember and show your respect and admiration.

It’s a collection of your favorites, a meeting place for all the special people in your life, and a time capsule to preserve the things you care about.

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It has helped me think about the things I love best, and what they mean in everyday life