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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about?

The idea with Tributize is that you write nice things about people that you like. We call these pages ‘tributes’. If you like someone or something, then you can write a tribute. Basically, anything you like you can Tributize with a tribute.

What does it cost?

Please see the pricing page.

What do I get for my money?

You get credits to create pages on Tributize. Each time that you create a new page, one credit is used. A tribute is a permanent web page which you can share with friends, link to, and edit whenever you like.

How long does the membership last?

The membership runs for one year. But if you need more time to use up your credits then just let us know and we will extend your membership.

What happens to my tribute pages when my membership expires?

Your tribute pages remain live forever. Your tribute remains on Tributize.com as long as you want. It is a permanent web page which you can share with friends, link to, edit whenever you like. If you want to edit them, then you can do that at any time. If you want to remove a page then just let us know.

How does payment work?

We use PayPal as our partner to process payments.

Do you store or have access to my credit card details? 


Are you serious about the money back guarantee?

Totally. Just ask for your money back within 30 days of starting your membership and we will give you a full refund.

What is the difference between a 'Friends & Family' tribute and a 'Fan' tribute?

A Friends & Family tribute is a page for someone you know personally. A Fan tribute is for someone famous who you don't know personally.

Do you have any other questions or concerns? Something on the site not working? Need help?

Just contact us.

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