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Online Memorial Tributes

A tribute page on Tributize is an online home for your memories

Tributize makes creating treasure troves of memories easy.

Build a lasting online memorial, gather together the people you want to tell, and remember the good times together. 

Our Tributes are a fitting, interactive way to keep memories alive and celebrate people who have passed on. It’s a special place for you and for everyone who wants to pay their respects to come together and share a life lived well.

Say it before it's too late, say it to make the people left behind feel great. Have a look at these heartfelt postings... and write your own 


Writing a tribute to my Grandmother is, at the moment,…

The Definition of a Successful Father!

 On March 7th of 2005, at the age of 86,…

Kirby Todd

Kirby Todd 2004 – 2016 There is no love greater…

Mama, I Miss You...

Dear Mama, I just want you to know that I…

The ultimate selflessness

Among the thousands of peacemakers, she sealed her mark as…

The Comedy Genie

“You're only given one little spark of madness. You mustn't…

Neil, my brother

My lovely brother Neil who I unfortunately never got to…

Steve Jobs

We all know Steve Jobs as the chairman, co-founder and…

The one that got away

Dear Janko, I know you will not be able to…

R.I.P. Best Friend

We knew she was the one the first moment we…

A tribute to our beloved Grandma Laura Wyman

This is a post that is difficult for me to…

You will be missed

Dear grandpa (Ah Gong), It was a mixture of sadness…

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