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Online Memorial Tributes

The lasting way to show how much you care

Your loved ones deserve the best

Celebrate the life of a loved one with a memorial page on Tributize. It's an online home for your memories. The perfect way to remember someone special. Forever.

Making an online memorial page is a great way to remember a loved one who has passed away. It’s much more than an online obituary; it’s a beautiful tribute to celebrate a life. You can share memories of loved ones, and capture stories which otherwise might be lost forever.

Tributize emphasizes the joy of life, not the sadness of losing someone.

With Tributize you can create a page to remember all the good times and add pictures, anecdotes, and even video clips. Then you can share the page with friends and family as a lasting memorial.

If you’re stuck trying to write a tribute then look at our tips here, and don’t forget that with Tributize you can start with a few words and edit and extend your tribute whenever you like.

Whether it’s a funeral tribute to a friend, or a eulogy to a family member, you can create a meaningful sincere tribute that really lasts.

Mary Ann Holser - a beautiful example

A celebration of a wonderful life. Mary Ann Holser left behind so many happy memories, and some great photos. Have a look at this memorial tribute to a very special lady.

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The best memorial websites give you the ability to put together a family tribute. A tribute to a late mother in loving memory, a tribute to a deceased husband, or in memory of a friend. We offer a memorial legacy which becomes an online shrine where you can really keep memories alive. You can create memorial pages for loved ones and share memories. Remembering a loved one is not expensive with our online memorial services. You have probably asked yourself "Why are obituaries so expensive?" Write a memorial now and you will have a living tribute to someone special in your life. 

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