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Losing a good friend is never easy, but creating an online memorial can help to make it easier. It's a permanent home for your words and pictures online. 

Whether accidental or expected, the death of a pet is tragic. Sadly, this loyal friend who has given us so much love will have to leave us one day.

He purrs by our ear, he looks at us with admiration, he cuddles us, and he makes us happy. Our pet has a special place in our heart. Some grow up with a dog, others get older with a cat, but in any case, at any age, the loss of this loved one can be a traumatic event.

So how can we cope better with these sad farewells?

When your little animal came into your life, you could not imagine the intensity of the bonds that were going to be woven between you. You did not expect to receive so much love, in a joyful and unconditional way.

Yes, if the nicknames "my baby" or "my little boy" slip when we talk to our pet, it is not insignificant. The pet takes an important place in our heart, often in the same way as a child.

Can his loss be as hard as the death of a friend or relative? Absolutely, say clinical psychologist experts. One reason is that the animal loves us as we are; it does not judge us.

During key periods of our life, the animal can play an essential role in the well-being of its master: an animal is a real emotional sponge; it has therapeutic virtues. It can bring enormous pleasure and emotional wellbeing, for example to the elderly and adolescents, "says the specialist.

You can create a beautiful memorial page like this for your much-loved companion.

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