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Tributize was founded to spread happiness

Our Story

We began with an idea - a positive place where memories are made and kept. We looked at other social sites and realized the online world just didn’t have a venue where people could get together and pay tribute - to friends, family, loved ones, legends, stars and favorite things.

Team Up

We are always looking for partnerships. If you’re looking for an opportunity to turn our social media platform into a revenue stream, talk to us about becoming a partner. From content creators to marketers and talent agents, we’re building a global network to ride the wave with us.


We grew the site the old fashioned way - by word of mouth, and now we’re reaching round the globe to emerging markets and across the Western technosphere. Currently we are self funding, but we are about to look for second phase capital as we expand. To learn more about investing, please contact us to request our pitch deck.

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One click to sign up and you can start your first tribute. What better way to honor someone you admire?

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Now you can get rolling. Tell the world with words, choose your favorite photos, and create the perfect tribute.

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Invite your friends, build a buzz on social media and let the world pay tribute with you. Our sharing tools make it a breeze.


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