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Dorothy J. Adimando

Saturday, 10 August 2019 21:11 , by
Born 01/20/1936 as Dorothy Mauriello, at home during a snowstorm. She lived in the Bronx until moving to Westchester in 1998. She worked as the Administrative Assistant at Amalgamated Housing for years until retiring to care for her youngest granddaughter. She was married 1957-1986 to Jack Adima...

A tribute to my father

Sunday, 17 March 2019 15:45 , by
It has been three years since my father took the last breath of his life in this cruel world which took him away. I held the cold body of my father with tears in my eyes and cried. I still feel the touch of my father and I still remember the unbelievable feeling of that moment. When thinking abo...

Farewell, Papa Micksey

Sunday, 17 March 2019 08:09 , by
When my husband, your firstborn son, told me you passed away in a foreign land, I did not believe him. I could not move. I was in shock. I sat on the stairs for a long time, dazed. Then hot tears came rushing down. What happened? Were you in pain? Were you alone? I didn’t even get the chance to s...

A tribute to a great poet Allama Iqbal

Friday, 15 March 2019 08:45 , by
I used to read his poems in course books and knew him as our national poet so Iqbal’s name was not new for me. Giving children an excellent piece of advice in the form of a story but in the style of poetry always fascinated me. As I grew up I felt so attached to Iqbal’s poetry in which he addr...

Tribute to Dr. Ibrahim al-Fiqi.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019 10:12 , by
  Ten years ago, my mother died, I became lonely, many people disappointed me and I felt depressed, felt that life was not worth living,  lost control over my life. Because of these emotions, I felt incredibly tired, and life was overwhelming.  But how did I overcome depression? The answer is ...

A Tribute to the best woman life offered me, my mum.

Thursday, 07 March 2019 09:57 , by
I am not a fan of epistles nor do I fancy eulogizing anyone for no good reason. However, if I start to write about a woman so brave and courageous, I would not be able to control my emotion. But I will try to share a little. My mum, Mrs. Bolatito Ajeigbe was the last and the only surviving child of...

A tribute to my best friend who passed away in an aeroplane crash

Wednesday, 06 March 2019 19:20 , by
Death, you are never a friend, you snatched away my best Friend Tim who walked with me through thick and thin. Life has never been the same, but I thank God that your memories never fade away. It still seems like you departed from us yesterday. Fresh memories of the good things we did together stil...


Wednesday, 06 March 2019 08:10 , by
20th Celebration of a Loving Husband and Dad (Charles Kariuki Njuguna) I cannot believe it’s been twenty years since you left us, but for the first time there are no tears in my eyes as I jolt this down, I am smiling as i remember the great moments we had. The lunch dates you took us and fun trip...

A Tribute to Steve Jobs, a Crybaby

Wednesday, 06 March 2019 00:31 , by
One of the most striking aspects of the personality of Steve Jobs (1955-2011) was his disproportionate tendency to cry. In the biography that Walter Isaacson did, numerous episodes are described in which the American businessman broke down crying for the most diverse reasons. To convince Stephen...

A Tribute to Frederick Douglass, The Great Social Reformist

Wednesday, 06 March 2019 00:10 , by
"It is dangerous to teach a slave to read" A black man should not know more than obey his master ... do what he is told to do. Even the best black in the world will be ruined by studying. There will be no way to control him. It will completely undermine you to be a slave. It will become unmanageabl...
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