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Why Tributize?

What we believe

  • Writing positive words will make you feel great - it's really therapeutic!
  • Sharing those words publicly will make you feel even better.
  • Receiving a sincere tribute is a wonderful feeling.
  • Focusing on the positive things in our lives makes us happier.

Who we serve

  • Our platform is open to everyone, regardless of race, colour, religion, political views, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.
  • Anyone who wants to use our platform can do so, regardless of financial situation or ability to pay. We will support anyone who cannot afford a tribute page by offering it completely free of charge.

What are the rules

  • Be positive. If you want to complain about someone or something there are hundreds of other platforms on the internet that you can use.
  • Don't use the tribute page as an advert.
  • Enjoy Tributize and please spread the love!