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Getting Started on Tributize

Guide to writing a tribute

  • First write your thoughts and ideas down on paper.
  • Write the tribute in MS Word or similar so that you can edit it and run a spell check
  • Make it as personal as possible. Do you have some interesting anecdotes?
  • If it’s a fan tribute, have you met them in person? Do you have any pictures of them that you took yourself? How long have you been a fan? How did it start?
  • Once you are happy with your tribute, follow the instructions below to add it to Tributize.

How to post your tribute on Tributize

  • Click on Login / Register in the top right hand corner and register using Facebook or Google+ (easy) or enter your details manually (email option)
  • Once you are registered and logged in the Write A Tribute option will appear in the top menu 
  • Click on Write A Tribute and you can enter your text.
  • First add a title. This should include the topic of the Tribute, e.g. “A Tribute To John Smith”, or “Harley Davidson”
  • Add a ‘main image’ for the tribute by clicking on the ‘image’ tab – make sure that this image is the one what you want to use, and is correctly rotated because it is difficult to change it later!
  • Save the Tribute.
  • You can add additional images in a gallery using the ‘image gallery’ tab.
  • If you have a video clip or want to link to a clip on YouTube etc. use the ‘media’ tab.
  • Click on ‘Save Your Tribute’ at the bottom of the page and it is live!

To edit your tribute, find it by searching for a keyword, or go to your profile by clicking on the picture in the top right corner, and choose ‘my profile’, then you can see a tab with ‘my tributes’. Once you load the tribute page you will see an ‘edit’ link underneath the title.

Why not share your tribute page with your friends and family and on social media?

It’s easy with the sharing buttons at the bottom of every tribute page.

Any questions please ask – we are here to help!

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