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User stories - How does it feel to write a tribute to someone?

Jo Lavender

Writing the tribute had its difficult moments. It is difficult to put into words the things my mother means to me, and a lot of the time what I was trying to express seemed clichéd. However, it was also an enjoyable exercise which made me really try and get to the bones of what I love about her, and why she’s so important to me. I was a little nervous about sharing it with her, but also keen to express to her things which I rarely manage to vocalise. It has helped me think about the things I love best, and what they mean in everyday life.

My mum cried when I gave her the tribute. I got her alone and made her put aside everything else, then handed it to her and waited while she read it. I could see her smile starting as soon as she realised what it was, and by the end she was wiping her eyes. She loved the idea of Tributize; she said there’s a desperate need to celebrate each other and think about the best things in the people we love. She didn't say much else about it, but I could feel her happiness all evening, and I left her the print-out of the piece so she could put it away and keep it when she needs to know how special she is.

Adelina Kastrati

Writing this tribute for this person that I really love and care about made me emotional and nostalgic due to our physical distance. It made me realize how beautiful it is to not allow negative things that exist to define this world, but instead bring the best of someone, of yourself and all the positive and great things we are given. It made me realize one more time how grateful and cherished we should be as humans, as we can take care of each other and make this world more beautiful by just giving our best.

When I got the response to my tribute it was so special to see how nothing has changed from his side too. It was a while since we last  talked and this made him even more surprised to see an actual written tribute to him, to our friendship… He thanked me for every single word that I wrote, and told me how much he appreciates and loves me, that we will forever remain soulmates and meet one day and see how nothing has changed, how these mutual feelings of our friendship will forever last, as the distance and time can’t break us apart because we are connected heart to heart.

Teikou Lortie

At first it was difficult to put into words how I felt, but once I got rolling on the tribute, I got to relive some memories and it made me smile. Brey was a bit shy but really appreciative when I shared it with her.

Helena Negru

Writing this made me feel a lot of emotions, from the joy of the good times Chris and I had together, to the more difficult moments, when she had to wipe my tears. I know I can rely on her for everything and I hope she feels the same. After I finished writing, I phoned her to thank her for everything. She was happy and highly emotional.

Daria Karas

Writing my Tribute made me feel blue at first. Nice memories came flooding and eventually flowed into tears. However, I felt not just sweet sorrow, but an appeasement as well. I sort of arranged my thoughts and feelings when expressing them. I believe that I filled my debt to them by sharing my history and perpetuating their names.

My mother said that she had a lump in her throat when reading this Tribute as the picture came alive before her eyes. She thinks that such a way to honor somebody can help you treat your family or friends better, here and now. Being grateful aids in understanding what are the main things in life, what you should appreciate the most. She felt proud and happy because of the way I fixed our special memories.

Elisha Speed

I enjoyed my experience writing on Tributize. It helped me go back to a place where I usually avoid going, but I find that it was very therapeutic for me to dig deep and get centered with how I really felt. I don't always talk about my mother to people, but I am so happy to share what a wonderful person she was with the public. When I showed my post to my grandmother, she cried tears of joy and gave me a hug and kiss. I'm glad that I made her happy and gave her a look into my real feelings. A Tribute is a family remembrance party. We need to celebrate those both living and gone more often and this is the perfect social media platform to do it!

Writing the tribute made me feel many emotions. It made me feel both happy and sad. I laughed and cried while recalling the wonderful memories that I had. I shared the tribute with my grandmother and she really loved it and cried tears of joy. She feels happy that I let it all out and tapped into how I really felt.

Nina Cruz
This website is a great platform to show gratitude to people, experiences and important memories in an individual's life. I had a great time writing the tribute as it was easy to express what I feel because of the reason behind it. Overall, it was a great experience because it is different from other platforms in the sense that people from different walks of life can read the tribute and like it. They can be inspired as well with other people's tributes.
Ivan Radonic
At first I was a bit uncomfortable because I was forced to recall moments of my past that were painful, but after getting into it and while writing it felt really good to have all of that on paper. There are things in that tribute I've never said to my mother out loud and it felt good. My mother teared up and hugged me upon seeing the tribute. All in all it was an amazing and unique experience
Nadin Precup
While writing the tribute I felt energized and simply happy. I was grateful for having my sister, and I thought everything in the world was right. I started crying when I was describing her illness, but I felt better immediately as I kept on writing. The most important, I felt love towards her and I was feeling loved in turn. When I showed her the tribute she was excited to read it, and she had a beaming smile. She thanked me and said she liked it. She also loved the pictures I chose.
Monica Lonon

I enjoyed writing the tribute! It was a nice way to express my feelings towards my boyfriend and let people see it without it being as public as a typical social media outlet. At first I was worried the words wouldn't come to me, but they flowed easily once I got started!

When I showed it to Tim, he didn't expect it, to say the least! It really touched him and he got teary eyed, but I didn't point it out to be nice. He did give me a big hug and nearly suffocated me with it, so I think it got the message across quite well

Jesse Frier

Tributize is an awesome idea for a social site. An online, living monument to whatever you want. Reading through the pages is almost like walking through a memorial garden, except that garden has been built by friends, family, and strangers around the world

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