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Your Online Family Tree

With Tributize you can preserve your family history online. You can make a permanent page for every one of your ancestors as well as your living family members. Tell their story online and share it. Record interesting anecdotes and share pictures. Create pages on Tributize and your memories are preserved forever. It's a place to save your legacy. 

A page for your grandpa with stories of when he was younger. A page for your grandma with pictures of her wedding day. A page for your brother with his favorite band. A page for your sister when she graduated college. 

On Tributize your family history comes to life. It's the perfect way to put your family tree online. 

Create An Online Family Tree In 5 Easy Steps (With Anecdotes And Pictures of Past Family Members)

If you are interested in genealogy then you have probably already created a family tree which goes back at least 3 or 4 generations. It probably looks something like the picture above. If you‘ve traced your family back even further then maybe you’ve discovered that you’re related to a famous historical figure, or an infamous one! If you’ve already done your research then skip to the end of this article where we have some great ideas for bringing your family tree to life. On the other hand if you are still at the beginning of your personal genealogy research, you…

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