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Your Online Family Tree

Tell me more about Tributize

Have you ever wanted to preserve your family history online? How about making a permanent page for every one of your ancestors as well as your living family members? You can tell their story online and share it. Do you have interesting anecdotes? Pictures to share? Create pages on Tributize and your memories are preserved forever.

A page for your grandpa with stories of when he was younger. A page for your grandma with pictures of her wedding day. A page for your brother with his favorite band. A page for your sister when she graduated college. 

On Tributize your family history comes to life. It's the perfect way to put your family tree online. 

Tributize - the online home for everything you love.

Did you ever tell your mother how much you love her? Or your best friend how much their friendship is worth? Or your favorite singer the pleasure she gives you? Or your grandfather how much you miss him? With a tribute page on Tributize your personal words of appreciation show that you really care. It’s the online home for everything you love.

Take a look at some of our tribute pages

Mack The Love Of My Life

Mack, We have been together going on twenty years, I…

A Tribute to My Mother on Her 45th Birthday

Writing a tribute to my mother is very appropriate at…

Christopher Nolan

Critically acclaimed director, Christopher Nolan is known for his thought-provoking…

The Miserable Mother

“Man is the most insane species, He worships an invisible…

The Definition of a Successful Father!

 On March 7th of 2005, at the age of 86,…

The Humane First Lady

If you had one word to describe her, you would…

A Tribute To An Honest Taxi Driver

In the loud sounds of an unknown city, a family…

What Moves You?

When I wake up every morning, one of the first…

The Better Half of Me

I have never to this day (and likely won't again)…

Nigel Benn - the dark destroyer

Nigel Benn was a powerhouse among boxers. Known to his…

Tribute to Tamaannah Bhatia

This is a tribute to Tamannah Bhatia. She is one…

To my mother's aunt

To my mother's aunt , may God rest her soul.…

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