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A Great Friend

Monday, February 19th, 2018 , by
A Great Friend

I got to know Kelvin in college. He is a very outgoing and confident person. Usually, he would be the one starting a conversation and get everyone to participate since he dislikes leaving anyone out. As a socially awkward person who was more reserved and had lesser to share in a conversation, I felt too inferior to talk to him. But after further interaction with him, he brought me into the conversations naturally and even taught me ways to begin a conversation without the sense of awkwardness. He also shared some tips to induce a bit of humour into conversations, and at times I would use his tips to tease him.
Kelvin is also a great listener. He is willing to listen to our problems and give suggestions when necessary. So, he is somewhat like our big brother whom we will turn to whenever we need someone to have an in-depth conversation. Due to that, I have the tendency to ask for his feedback about my work if I am unsure about my performance, and he is always willing to share his honest views so that I could improve myself.
I feel so lucky to meet such a great friend. We can have fun together and also spend time working on projects. Spending time with him is never stressful, as we have great chemistry and can accommodate each other’s working pace.
He aspires to be a clinical psychologist and is working on the skills as well as knowledge needed to attain his goal. I hope that the journey towards his ambition will be a fruitful one. All the best, my friend.

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