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A Tribute to India

Friday, January 13th, 2017 , by
A Tribute to India


India's past is as myriad as the species of flora it houses.

The country has gone through upheavals and drastic changes in social structures, somehow, holding itself afloat despite it all. Said to be part of one of the oldest civilizations, Indians today, cling to their roots.

For every step we take forward, we take one back, to ascertain that our identities aren't diluted with time. We are made of all that we pride ourselves on. Our love for sports, spices and sparkles is unparalleled. We have dabbled in every field possible. If we have not succeeded, we have persevered. Much like any place or person, it has veered off its course, misled at times.

But the very stark nationalism that runs in the blood of an Indian has helped shape the future of the country. There is no "one" Indian sensibility. With over 720 dialects and 22 official languages, the only common ground we have is that of being Indian - a place where one can be anybody they wish to be.

I was born a Keralite, brought up a Gujarati and have befriended people from Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Goa, West Bengal etc. To say that I have been a part of a multitude of ethnicities would be an understatement.

Drawing from J.K Rowling's quote, "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.", I point out the fact that it is easy to want to bring about a positive change, but unless one is willing to take the necessary steps themselves, they can't expect to see results.

I write this tribute to a country that was and is striving to shine in the present. I am certain that we will bring back the old glory, someday. Until then, it is a matter of hard work.


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