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Be yourself and love it

Friday, March 8th, 2019 , by
Be yourself and love it


By reviewing my life and my past, all my experiences that I passed some of them brought me up to the top allowing me feel happy and triumph. and  other experiences which brought me down  to the valley of frustration and let me felt worthless!

I have recently Look at my life  and I have noticed that how much I deserved to be loved! Yes I deserved that ,I don’t mean  to be  surrounded by people who loved me no ,This is very simple .I mean I deserved to be loved from myself.

I or You may be wrong with ourselves and with our body right or with our spirit and our being . you may  looked at yourself in contempt view and feel  that you are less than others . You may watch a movie or heard  a song that brings  memory back of what you have done  or a word that  you have  said before.  Wounds that were caused by yourself or caused by someone else, all that come at the surface and make your life miserable .

You  may look at yourself in the mirror and feel shame about everything wrong that you  done before. you must know that ,The perfection is only our God. There is no one of us who did not misbehave in his/her life . After a long journey I can tell you "who did not make mistakes in his life  He never lived and never learned a thing" .

Your mistakes ... your words ... your actions ... your desires  and all the negative things that can limit or frustrate your view about  yourself. Every experiences you had will be a step forward in your progressive and  optimistic life.

Please don’t do this to yourself ,you are  not a piece of candy to be encapsulated ,nor a glass that cannot be broken .you are a human being, please love yourself as the way you are because you deserve to be loved.


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