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Britney Spears - the star that Never Falls Down

Friday, May 18th, 2018 , by
Britney Spears - the star that Never Falls Down

Britney, the Star that Never Falls Down

“I must confess I still believe….” that you’re the ever loving cute, little, princess-like pop star that we’re mad at.

             Yes, she’s a real twinkling star in the wide sky of pop music. I can never forget her beautiful blue eyes, golden locks of hair, the quizzical smile and most of all, the magical voice that soothes millions of ears worldwide. Britney Spears has earned a big popularity as a songstress, dancer and actress. Her luck started to follow her in 1998 with the release of ‘Baby one more time’. That fame lasted for more than 20 years and almost all of her albums became best sellers throughout the world making her a billionaire.  And to me, she’s the best…. I’ve been such a big fan of her for all these years.

Britney started as a pop star in her early childhood. She is a born performer and a celebrity who always makes hot news that turns the world wide web upside down. Her character is such a controversial one that nobody can tell what we’d hear of her at the next moment. From time to time, big calamities flew into her life as if to topple it down. But, we are with her as long as she’s in the world of music.

Her relationship with Justin Timberlake, her childhood buddy, didn’t end in a marriage. Anyway, the marriage with Kevin Federline lasted only for three years. And later she had a relationship with Jason Trawick, but it too broke down. So, we can’t say for sure how long her present relationship with Sam Asghari. But, to us, she’s the ever-loving, sweet princess of pop music.

Britney Jean Spears was born into a family of three children in 1981 in Macomb Mississippi. When she was just 11, she was lucky to appear in a children’s variety show organized by The All-New Micky Mouse Club. Justin Timberlake was one of her contemporaries in it. Her lucky song was ‘Baby one more time’ and in the video she played the role of a school girl. However, that song came to the top of the Billboards and was widely popular throughout the world. She was fortunate to see six of her albums to come to the topmost position in the Billboards!!! ‘Oops!’, ‘Did It Again’, ‘Born to Make you Happy’ and ‘Toxic’ are some of the songs that topped the charts. These songs made her a best-selling celebrity of that time. The playful way she acts in videos, her charming beauty and her enchanting voice won people’s hearts over the planet.

What I like most in her is the way she performs. She’s a born performer and her body language, smile, dancing and romantic voice hit the fans at large. I can still remember the way how she performs in the song, ‘I’m a Slave 4U’ with a long python around her shoulders. She seemed to me like a Greek Goddess who rules the world with her charms. And I feel really sad about her when I listen to the songs, ‘Lucky’ and ‘Every time’. I wonder whether she’s the ‘Hollywood girl’ in the song. I feel she’s craving at something that billions of dollars cannot give her. Maybe it’s the true happiness. The fame must have been a nuisance to her at times. Anyway, in whichever the song she presents, her fans become ‘slaves 4 her’.

Of course, she has made us her slaves!!!


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