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Father, you're everything to me.....

Friday, December 1st, 2017 , by
Father, you're everything to me.....

Father, you're everything to me....

We’ve never been a nuclear family. At every stage of my life, there was somebody extra with us.

I must tell you that I always enjoyed living together with a large number of family members rather than suffering a congested life in a nuclear family.

I believe that senior citizens contribute a lot to socializing youngsters, and it is typical to Asian culture.

In my childhood, three of my maternal aunts lived with us. My mom, dad, my younger sister, three aunts and I… Oh, wow! What a large family we had been!

And today, my kids too enjoy the pleasure of living with their grandfather. We make a lot of fun and enjoy the life with them.

Five years ago, my mom left us forever. She was my role model and one of the most dedicated ladies I’ve ever seen in my life. She sacrificed her happiness and tried hard to make us happy. She suppressed her hunger and fed us with what she had. She wore cheap, non-attractive dresses, but provided us with beautiful things to wear. When poverty stroke us violently, she stood up like a pillar of stone that nobody could ever topple. She was the heroine in our lives.

But, those days are gone by. Now she’s no more. She passed away leaving a lonely, desperate feeling in my heart. It took me a few years to get rid of the nostalgic feelings that incessantly beat me. To be very frank, in the recent past, my dad was not so intimate a guardian as my mom had been. My parents were not happily married and always had something to argue about with each other. Dad was very hot tempered and we were afraid to speak freely with him.

But, things began to change quickly. After mom’s death, he became softer and softer. He stopped blaming me and my kids. He stopped finding faults with meals and ate whatever was given to him. Nobody knew the reason for his sudden change and it’s still a big dilemma to me. Most probably, it may be the self-realization. Perhaps, he might have thought of filling the gap my mom had left us with.

Yes dad, now you’ve become a perfect fit to take her place. For me, you’re one of the most precious things in this world.

I’ve gone through a variety of bitter-sweet circumstances in my short life span and become a grown up woman now. But, still you take me to be the same small child. You protect me and my kids and provide us with what you can. Most of all, I can never forget how you help me in cooking. You are an excellent cook. You often sees faults in the food cooked by others as you know how to cook better than anybody else!

I see many good qualities in you. We can never even imagine the strength and courage you have. Recall how you built our house all by yourself. Nobody was there to give you a helping hand. Not even I. You were such a good mason.  You made everything to make us comfortable. Some of our neighbors say that you can surpass even young men when it comes to working. You are such a giant at hard work.

Sometimes, I am amazed at your perseverance. You never give up. You often need to end the work you once started. You never leave something unfinished.

You are a huge tree that always give us shade and protection. And I’m just a twig in it. And your eternal young look is a gift given by God.

May you live a long happy, healthy life!

We all love you dearly, dad.


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