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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 , by


2007 is a long time ago – 10 entire years. 10 years of laughing and crying and being silly together. Months of queueing up for lunch, of the chocolate floorboards with the puff of icing sugar on top, of chips with cheese and plain pasta because I was too fussy to eat anything else. I remember the little strawberry milkshake cartons you always had, and the blue dining tables. I remember lying on the field in the sunshine, using you as a pillow – or vice versa. The ‘yumming’ Nazgul and the little stick figure doodles that appeared on anything and everything.


We went through some difficult points, and came out on the other side as goofy and weird as ever. We stuck at it, even when it was tough, and I want to say thank you for that, because I know I wasn’t easy to deal with sometimes, although I never meant to be hard work.


You have been an amazing friend to me, throughout the years. Whether we talk all the time or a few days slip by, you’re always around to be supportive, to listen if there’s anything wrong, and to giggle over something with. I’m so happy you’re off on an adventure in Hobbitland, even though it feels galaxies away sometimes. I look forward to your return and a chance go climbing together again, but I’m thrilled you’re having fun!


Throughout the last few years, your loyalty has been amazing. I haven’t really made friends since moving, but you have come to visit in spite of your enormous workload and the long drive, and you don’t know what that means. I appreciate that you’ve travelled hours to see me, just so we can watch movies and giggle over nothing. I appreciate your constancy and dedication, I appreciate the effort you put into our friendship, and I appreciate all the time you’ve given to me, even when you had little to spare. My life would have been very different without you, and I am so glad that we met, so glad that I have had this chance to know and be friends with someone so special.


We share many interests and hobbies, which I suppose is what made us close initially. The creativity we share and enjoy is something which I hope we can carry throughout our lives, and something which made us bond in the first place. You helped shape me as a writer, gave me confidence and encouragement, and a true enthusiasm for it.


I also love who you are as a person, your ethics. I love how you treat people – not just me, but those around you. You are often too hard on yourself, but kind to everyone else. You made a fabulous, patient teacher, even if you felt like you were struggling at times, and I know the kids you taught really loved you.


You made a difference to a lot of lives there, and they will not forget it – great teachers travel with you forever, perhaps almost as much as great friends.. I love how you have time for everyone, how selflessness and kindness make up your character. These are just a few of the things which have made you an incredible person to know, and someone I am thoroughly proud of and love. You are amazing, and will always continue to be amazing. Seeing and thinking about you always makes me smile. I love you so much. 

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